uk scholarships for indian students
Study Abroad Expert July 11, 2023

UK scholarships for Indian students 2024

The United Kingdom is in an excellent position, ranking second only to the United States regarding study abroad opportunities. Universities in London and other public and private organizations provide thousands of scholarships to international students and UK scholarships for Indian students to alleviate the financial burden.
Scholarships are available to students for studying abroad in the UK based on merit, need, student-specific, or course-specific scholarships. Most UK universities offer tuition cost reductions; if students make their initial deposits by a certain time, in addition to scholarships. Merit-based scholarships fstdor Indian students to study in UK are extremely competitive and need a focused application and an impressive statement of purpose and we recommend you to contact our experts at Shuraa Education for any queries regarding overseas education.

The amount of university-specific UK Scholarships for Indian students ranges from £ 1,000 to £ 6,000 based on the student’s profile and some institutions offer fully funded scholarships for Indian students in UK. Doctoral degrees in the United Kingdom are often fully supported. Educational institutions award these scholarships to those who have completed the competitive application examinations.

Essential Eligibility Criteria for UK Scholarships for Indian Students 

Yes, the opinion is correct that a good academic score is often an important criterion for many scholarships. However, it’s important to note that scholarships can consider a variety of other factors in addition to academics. This is particularly true for scholarships for Indian students to study in UK after 12th offered by universities and institutions in the UK. 

When applying for these UK scholarships for Indian students who are interested in studying in the UK should consider several factors: 


Scholarships may be specific to certain countries or regions. Some scholarships promote international exchange or collaboration, while others may priorities specific countries. 


Different universities may have their scholarship programs and criteria. Research the universities you are interested in to identify any scholarships they offer and their specific requirements. 


Some scholarships specifically target students pursuing certain fields of study or disciplines. Consider the course you plan to pursue and check if any scholarships are available for students in that field. 

Eligibility Requirements:  

Scholarships typically have specific eligibility criteria that applicants must meet. These include academic qualifications, language proficiency, extracurricular activities, leadership skills, financial need, etc. It’s important to carefully review and understand the eligibility requirements for each scholarship you’re interested in. 

Application Process:  

Follow the application instructions and deadlines provided by each scholarship. Prepare all the necessary documents and complete the application form accurately and thoroughly. Pay attention to any additional requirements, such as essays, recommendation letters, or interviews.

It’s worth noting that UK scholarships for Indian students can vary widely in terms of their requirements and selection processes. Some may place more emphasis on academics, while others prioritise extracurricular achievements or community involvement. Therefore, it’s beneficial for students to focus on developing a well-rounded profile that highlights their strengths in various areas. It is highly advisable that you contact our experts at Shuraa Education for any query regarding the eligibility criteria for studying abroad.

Exploring the Intake Seasons for UK Scholarships 

The United Kingdom offers three major intakes for scholarships, with some universities also offering a summer intake. These intakes allow students to choose the start date for their academic journey. The autumn/fall intake spans from September to December, making it a popular choice for students seeking to begin their studies later in the year.

The spring intake follows from January to April, offering students an opportunity to begin their studies at the beginning of the calendar year. Additionally, the summer intake takes place from April to June, providing an alternative option for students who prefer to start their academic program during this period. The table below summarises the intakes for UK scholarships for Indian students:

Intake   Duration 
Autumn/Fall  September to December 
Spring  January to April 
Summer  April to June 

 Popular UK Scholarships for Indian Students 2024

  1. Chevening Scholarships 
  2. Rhodes Scholarships 
  3. Erasmus Mundus 
  4. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship 
  5. GREAT Scholarships 
  6. Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships 
  7. Felix Scholarships 
  8. Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships 
  9. Goa Education Trust Scholarships 
  10. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships 
  11. Hornby Scholarships 
  12. Inlaks Scholarships

Best UK Scholarships for Indian Students 2024

Below is a comprehensive list of popular UK scholarships for Indian students 2024 specifically tailored for students seeking to pursue their studies in the United Kingdom. Scholarship in London for Indian students offers valuable opportunities for Indian students to experience world-class education and enrich their academic journey. With a diverse range of scholarships available, students can explore various fields of study and secure financial support to make their dreams of studying in the UK a reality. 

Chevening Scholarships for Indian and International Students  

The Chevening Scholarships one of the best scholarships for Indian students to study in UK, administered by the Government of the United Kingdom (UK), are renowned global scholarship programs that aim to support academically outstanding individuals who have demonstrated leadership potential and exceptional achievements in their respective fields. These scholarships provide comprehensive coverage, including tuition fees, flight fares, and living expenses, enabling students to pursue a one-year master’s program in the UK. Chevening Scholarships fully fund deserving students, thereby easing the financial burden.

However, it’s crucial to be aware of the eligibility criteria. While this scholarship program offers opportunities to many students, certain courses are not eligible. These include part-time and distance learning programs, courses with less than nine months or more than 12 months, PhD or DPhil programs, and courses that involve more than one month of study outside the UK. 

Rhodes Scholarships 

The prestigious Rhodes Scholarship provides UK fully funded scholarships for Indian students and postgraduate awards for exceptional young individuals worldwide, enabling them to pursue their studies at the renowned University of Oxford. Rhodes Scholars can undertake two or more years of full-time postgraduate courses offered by Oxford University. This scholarship covers the course fees at Oxford and provides a generous stipend to cover living expenses, including accommodation.

For the 2022-23 academic year, the stipend amounted to £18,180 per annum (£1,515 per month). Additionally, upon selection, the Rhodes Trust covers the application fee for the University of Oxford, the student visa fee, the associated International Health Surcharge, and two economy class flights for the start and conclusion of the scholar’s studies in the UK. 

Erasmus Mundus 

Erasmus Mundus, Joint Masters programs, provide a unique opportunity for students from around the globe to pursue advanced studies in various countries. Numerous higher education institutes offer these scholarships and facilitate international collaboration in education. The Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarship covers the cost of students’ participation in the program and provides financial support for travel and living expenses.

The scholarship amount awarded varies depending on factors such as the level of studies/research/teaching, the student’s nationality, and the course’s duration. This ensures that students receive adequate support to pursue their academic goals and engage in a rich multicultural experience. The Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters programs, enable students to broaden their educational horizons, interact with diverse perspectives, and develop a global network of contacts within their field of study. 

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship 

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom awards scholarships and fellowships to students from Commonwealth countries. This fellowship is open to any Indian students who intend to pursue a master’s degree or a PhD in the United Kingdom. 

This scholarship covers tuition, flights, as well as personal and living expenses. The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission provides the following awards; Commonwealth PhD Scholarships, Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships, Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships, Commonwealth Shared Scholarships, Commonwealth PhD Scholarships, and Commonwealth Professional Fellowships are all available. Students must submit their applications through a National Nominating Agency, a university, or a Non-Governmental Organisation. 

GREAT Scholarships  

The GREAT Scholarships program offers a golden opportunity for Indian students to pursue their postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom. For the academic year 2023-24, 25 scholarships are available, spread across various subjects and offered by renowned UK universities. Each scholarship provides a minimum of £10,000, covering a significant portion of the tuition fee for a one-year postgraduate course.

This initiative is a collaborative effort between the UK government’s GREAT Britain Campaign and the British Council, in partnership with participating UK higher education institutions. By jointly funding these scholarships, they aim to encourage and support talented Indian students pursuing higher education in the UK, to know more regarding study abroad, contact our experts at Shuraa Education. 

Explore Additional UK Scholarships for Indian Students 

Following are a few other prominent UK Scholarships for Indian students: 

Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships  

St John’s College has established the Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships in his memory. These fellowships will enable academically talented Indian students to study for PhD degrees at St. John’s College, University of Cambridge, in topics like Science and Technology, Economics, and Social Sciences. 

Applications in Aerospace Engineering and Energy Studies will be prioritised by the selection committee. Academic costs, overseas travel, a monthly stipend to cover living expenses, and a UK visa are all covered by the scholarships. 

Felix Scholarships 

These scholarships are accessible to impoverished students from India and other developing nations who excel academically and want to study abroad college. To be eligible for these scholarships, students must be under 30 years old and have a bachelor’s degree from a reputable Indian university. The Felix scholarship enables poor individuals to pursue their postgraduate education by attending a university in the United Kingdom. Felix scholarships are available at the Universities of Oxford, Reading, and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). 

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships  

The Scottish Government, in collaboration with Scottish universities and institutions, offers a scholarship program. The project offers 50 grants of £8000 each towards the tuition price for any one-year full-time study on a postgraduate master’s course at any of Scotland’s higher education establishments. Scholarships are available to nationals of India, Canada, Japan, Pakistan, China and the United States. 

Goa Education Trust Scholarships 

The goal of GET is to offer Goans with a platform to seek the greatest possible educational opportunities in whichever fields they prefer. It offers scholarships and research grants to qualified individuals for postgraduate study in the United Kingdom in all domains, disciplines, and fields of study. Recipients of the award can complete their studies in various subjects, including Journalism, Education, Ancient History and Law. The scholarship covers full or partial tuition fees for the courses. A student should be at most 30 years of age at the time of application. Furthermore, the scholarship is applicable for programs with a maximum duration of one year. 

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships  

The Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships present a remarkable opportunity for Indian students each year. These prestigious scholarships offer up to 10 long-term awards, typically ranging from 2 to 3 months up to a maximum of one year. The scholarship covers essential aspects such as accommodation and living costs in the UK, fees, and a contribution towards international travel expenses. It’s important to note that the Charles Wallace India Trust does not support two-year courses. With this support, recipients can immerse themselves in their chosen fields of study and experience the vibrant academic environment of the UK, fostering personal and intellectual growth. 

Hornby Scholarships 

This scholarship covers all expenditures in the UK, including a monthly stipend to cover housing and living expenses, tuition fees, return flight tickets, visa and language test fees. Applicants must have at least three years of full-time English language teaching experience and a complete university degree to be eligible for the award. In addition, candidates must meet the university’s English proficiency requirements. The Hornby Scholarships are granted to experienced instructors of the English language who possess the capacity to make a substantial impact on the field of English language education in the future. 

Inlaks Scholarships 

These scholarships are given to the smartest students to help them cover all of their basic needs, including tuition expenses. Inlaks Scholarships are available for full-time Masters, MPhil, or Doctoral level university courses and programmes. The Foundation will only grant up to $100,000 in financing. Business and Finance, Computer Science, Engineering, Fashion Design, Film and Film Animation, Hospitality and Tourism, Indian Studies with No Current Relevance, Management Studies (i.e. MBA), Medicine, Dentistry, and Related Therapies, Music, and Public Health are not covered. 

Our experts at Shuraa Education will be happy to help you in selecting the best scholarship as per your requirements for studying abroad. 

UK University – Specific Scholarships  

UK universities offer a range of specific scholarships to support students in their academic pursuits. These scholarships are designed to cater to various criteria, including academic excellence, financial need, specific fields of study, and diversity. Following are the specific Scholarships offered by universities in the UK:  

University of Westminster 

Scholarships are available to undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Westminster. 

The following are some prestigious scholarships: 

  • The Westminster Undergraduate Half-price Scholarship provides a 50% tuition price discount based on academic excellence and financial need. 
  • The Westminster Full-fee Scholarship covers the entire tuition fees for students who are pursuing a full-time Master’s programme at the University. 
  • The High Achiever Scholarship provides £2,500 each academic year to a full-time undergraduate with a September admission.

Coventry University 

Every year, Coventry University spends £ 1 million in scholarships for overseas students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the university. 

Each Coventry University scholarship is valued at up to £1,500.

Coventry Academic Performance Scholarship: The Undergraduate degree is available to full-time undergraduate students who have at least two A-levels at grade A or similar credentials.

Coventry Academic Performance Scholarship: Full-time postgraduate students with a 2:1 or similar qualifications are eligible for postgraduate scholarships. 

Rhodes Scholarships at the University of Oxford 

The Rhodes Scholarships at the University of Oxford are the most coveted and oldest. In 1902, Cecil Rhodes acknowledged the significance of this scholarship in his will. Each year, five scholarships are awarded to Indian students who are chosen for their exceptional intelligence, character, leadership, and dedication to service in order to further their studies. These fellowships are given to outstanding postgraduate students at the University of Oxford.

The scholarship covers the entire tuition, health insurance, and one economy-class travel to the home nation. 

Queen Mary University 

Queen Mary University of London is committed to supporting its students through various scholarships and competitive bursaries. These financial aid options are available for undergraduate, master’s, and PhD students, ensuring that students at different stages of their academic journey can access support. The university has dedicated substantial resources, with an investment exceeding £25 million, specifically to assist international students in pursuing their education at Queen Mary. 

Gates Cambridge Scholarships 

Outstanding candidates from any nation who wish to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any field provided by the University of Cambridge are eligible for Gates Cambridge. This scholarship covers the entire cost of education as well as additional discretionary money. 

University of Hertfordshire 

Merit-based scholarships are available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Hertfordshire. Domestic and foreign students are eligible for these scholarships. Both domestic and international students have the opportunity to apply for these scholarships. What sets these scholarships apart is that international students do not need to apply through a formal application process to be considered for them. 

The university recognizes and values academic excellence, and these scholarships are awarded based on students’ outstanding academic achievements. By removing the need for a separate application. The University of Hertfordshire simplifies the process for international students, making it more accessible and streamlined. 

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships 

The University of Edinburgh provides a prestigious opportunity for outstanding international students pursuing a PhD research study program through the Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships. This scholarship program offers thirty scholarships annually, making it highly competitive and sought-after. 

These scholarships are open to students from all over the world and can be pursued in any field of study offered by the University of Edinburgh. The aim is to attract exceptional students with a passion for research. It provides them with financial support to pursue their doctoral studies at one of the leading universities in the world. 

University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships 

The University of Sussex Chancellor’s International scholarships are awarded to students who have applied for. Its been accepted full-time Postgraduate degrees at the University of Sussex based on their potential and academic achievement. 

The scholarship provides a 50% tuition cost waiver for a year in most Sussex programmes. 

UAL Vice-Chancellor’s Postgraduate International Scholarships 

The UAL Vice-Chancellor’s Postgraduate International Scholarships are specifically designed to provide full support to ten students. From low-income countries who are applying to pursue a qualifying full-time Master’s degree at the University of the Arts London (UAL). 

This scholarship program aims to remove financial barriers. Create opportunities for talented individuals from underprivileged backgrounds to access higher education at UAL. The selected students will receive a generous scholarship amount of £25,000, which will cover their tuition fees and contribute towards their living expenses while studying in London. 

Bristol University International Office Scholarships 

Bristol University provides a valuable opportunity for international students through its International Office Scholarships. This scholarship program is specifically designed to support undergraduate students pursuing their degrees at the university. 

The Bristol University International Office Scholarships offer a total of five scholarships to outstanding international students. Each selected student receives a stipend of £8,500. It is intended to cover both tuition fees and living expenses for one academic year. This financial support plays a crucial role in alleviating the financial burden for international students. 

University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships 

The University of West London takes pride in its International Ambassador Scholarships, a program designed to recognize. Through this initiative, the university aims to attract bright minds from around the world. It provides them with financial assistance to pursue their educational aspirations. 

The International Ambassador Scholarships at the University of West London offer a total of 50 scholarships, each valued at £5,000. These scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, recognizing students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements and potential. 

Developing Solutions Scholarships at the University of Nottingham 

The University of Nottingham offers 105 Master’s Degree scholarships to overseas students. Out of the 30 scholarships, it offers a complete waiving of tuition fees, and 75 scholarships cover a 50% tuition fee waiver.

Global Opportunities, as the leading Study in UK Consultants, help students get scholarships from renowned universities in the UK. Students can also acquire scholarships offered by international institutes as per their performances.

The above-mentioned scholarships provide immense support to students who want to study abroad and chase their dreams and at Shuraa Education we help students chase those dreams so please feel free to contact our experts.

Through Our comprehensive services, Shuraa Education supports students from the initial application process to their arrival in the UK, ensuring a smooth and successful study abroad journey. By leveraging our expertise and network, they provide invaluable assistance in accessing scholarships and financial aid. Alleviating the financial burden often associated with studying overseas.

To begin your journey towards studying in the UK and availing scholarships, reach out to Shuraa Education today. Contact us at or call +91 9319998924 to start your adventure of a lifetime. Don’t miss out on the chance to broaden your horizons, new experiences in the United Kingdom.

FAQs Related to Scholarships in the UK

Here are some often-asked scholarship questions:

Can I receive a study abroad scholarship that covers everything from tuition to living expenses?

Universities and governments provide a wide range of scholarships. The criteria will vary depending on the course, university, location, and so forth. You can receive partial or full scholarships. For more information, please visit our website or contact one of our Overseas education specialists.

Where can I start my search for study abroad scholarships?

The scholarships available to you are determined by your course, university, location, and other factors. You can check your possibilities by visiting a university or the government. You may also get in touch with our specialists for further information.

Furthermore, most UK institutions and colleges publish a list of scholarships available to Indian students. Don’t worry if you get stuck somewhere; our foreign education specialists will gladly assist you.

Can Indian students study for free in the United Kingdom?

Certain British universities, such as Oxford University, Warwick University, The University of Cambridge, The University of Bristol, and others. Provide full scholarships to Indian students studying in the UK. Indian students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible in order to pursue a variety of courses. They should go to the Universities and College Admissions Service Portal (UCAS) as soon as they receive admission news and submit their application as soon as possible. It would be much great if the same were submitted before the deadline.

Can I stay in the UK once my scholarship ends and the course of study is completed?

Yes, international students who have completed an undergraduate or master’s degree can pursue the opportunity to remain in the UK for a maximum of two years. You can stay for up to three years if the students have a PhD or equivalent doctorate certification. The Graduate route in the United Kingdom permits overseas students to stay in the country after graduation and work or search for job.

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