Study in USA: Top Universities, Scholarships, Fees, Intake

If you are wondering how to study in USA from India, we look forward to assisting students like you who want to study in USA. You will find all the necessary resources to conduct the required research and determine if the United States is the ideal study destination. We have gathered comprehensive information on educational, social, cultural, and economic aspects of studying in the United States.

The United States boasts the world's biggest foreign student population, with over 1,000,000 students opting to enhance their education and life experience at a college or university in the United States. International students make up over 5% of all students enrolled in higher education in the United States, and the number is rising. International education in the United States has significantly transformed since the mid-1950s when international student enrolment was only around 35,000.

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Why Study in USA as an Indian Student?

The United States boasts some of the top schools and institutions in the world, which is a positive thing since they give high-quality education. Everyone has a distinct rationale for picking the United States as their ideal destination. Among the factors that make the United States a superior choice are:

A Selection of the Finest Universities:

The United States is home to over 5000 institutions, the majority of which are rated first in the Global University Rankings. Yale University, Harvard University, Cornell University, Columbia University, and other prestigious institutions exemplify renowned universities.

Degrees Accepted Worldwide:

A degree from the United States can greatly enhance your prospects. Its significance becomes evident when searching for future employment, as it increases the likelihood of obtaining better-paying jobs not only in the United States but also in other countries.

Career Opportunities Big and Wide:

A degree from the United States can help you acquire a better career. You can also conduct internships to gain valuable experience that will be recognized both in the United States and overseas.

Flexible Education System:

Education in the United States is more flexible for those who want to study in USA. If you are pursuing your Bachelor's, you must decide on your Master's subject only in your second year. There is no pressure to select it in the first year.

Choose Based on your ROI:

If you take out an educational loan to study in the United States, you will have to pay a somewhat high-interest rate. Failure to pay on time may result in accruing interest. Choosing a university based on ROI will therefore assist you in surviving an economic downturn.

Cheerful Campus Life Guaranteed:

There will be students from various cultures and several of the premier colleges in the United States. This will provide you with valuable insights into life beyond campus and enhance your overall campus experience.

Exclusive Support for International Students:

Universities in the United States offer several sorts of assistance to overseas students. Language classes, orientation programs, and other activities will help students.

Earn Some Extra Bucks:

You can work 20 hours per week throughout the semester and 40 hours per week during the semester breaks. This will enable you to earn money and effectively manage your finances.

Cultural Diversity:

The United States is a multicultural hub where you can engage with students from diverse nations, fostering a deeper understanding of various cultures. This exposure can alleviate feelings of homesickness.

Networking Opportunity:

Unlike in India, educators in the United States are more open to debate and discussion. This will also assist you in obtaining valuable advice and recommendations. The planning of career workshops and counselling sessions will improve your employability. Based on the QS World Employability Rankings, universities in the United States are the most employable.

Which Courses are Considered the Best for Study in the USA?

Following are the best courses to study in USA:

Computer Science:

Computer Science is a popular course among overseas students in the United States. There is high demand for software analysts, software engineers, and related positions. It exposes a variety of businesses, making it the greatest option for international students. Even inside the United States, Silicon Valley is regarded as one of the finest locations to live since it is the headquarters of firms such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. Following are the best courses in USA

Business Analytics & Data Science:

In the United States, popular courses in business analytics include data science and information systems. The percentage of students seeking degrees in these subjects has recently increased dramatically throughout the country.

Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical engineering is among the three most popular majors in the United States. It is also one of the oldest engineering disciplines, including courses in mechatronics, automobiles, aircraft, and aeronautics.

Electrical & Computer Engineering:

Computer and electrical engineers are in great demand in the United States, particularly in California, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Illinois, and other states.

Humanities & Social Sciences:

The humanities and social sciences encompass a wide range of areas such as geography, economics, and political science, among others. If you want to further your education in this field in the United States, psychology, sociology, economics, and international relations are preferable options.


A Medical Degree, particularly an MS, is in great demand in the United States, especially because physicians are constantly in need everywhere. While gaining admission to a university in the United States can be challenging, the rewards are worth it.


In the United States, the MS in Finance is the most popular course. The United States provides a STEM-designated course that often prepares students for professions in corporate finance, investment banking, and investment management.


It is a little-known truth that biotechnology, bioinformatics, and the biomedical profession are all disciplines with various job options. The research facilities and globally recognized education make the United States a superior choice for the course.

Business Management:

It is always a smart idea to pursue your master's degree in business management in the United States. Students seeking an MBA can also take advantage of Optional Practical Training, which permits them to work for a year.

Liberal Arts:

The education system in the United States is diverse, allowing you to pick from a variety of minors and majors. You can pursue a BA or MA in Education, Theatre, American History and Literature, and other fields.

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Top Universities for Indian Students in USA

Some of the best institutions for Indian students in USA for studying are included here, along with their admittance rates and QS World University Rankings 2024:

Rankings 2024 University Acceptance Rate
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 6.70%
3 Stanford University 3.75%
5 Harvard University 4.70%
6 California Institute of Technological 6.40%
10 University of Chicago 7.30%
13 University of Pennsylvania 8.40%
15 Princeton University 5.50%
18 Yale University 6.30%
20 Cornell University 10%
22 Columbia University 5.40%
24 Jhon Hopkins University 11.20%
25 University of Michigan- Ann Arbor 20.20%
27 University of California- Berkeley 17.50%
32 Northwestern University 8.50%
39 New York University 12.20%
44 University of California- Los Angeles 9%

Cost of Studying in USA for Indian Students

The United States has long been a favoured destination for international students, particularly Indians. Its prestigious universities have contributed to its global reputation. However, it is important to assess your finances and consider the associated costs. Tuition fees generally comprise a significant portion, while courses in the Humanities, Arts, and Education are often comparatively less expensive.

Following are the approximate cost of studying in USA for Indian students:

S. No. Programs Amount in USD Amount in INR
1 UG USD 20,000 - USD 40,000 INR 16 lakhs - INR 31 lakhs
2 PG USD 20,000 - USD 45,000 INR 16 lakhs - INR 35 lakhs
3 PhD USD 28,000 - USD 55,000 INR 22 lakhs - INR 43 lakhs
4 MBBS USD 24,000 - USD 66,000 INR 18 lakhs - 50 lakhs

Cost of Living in USA

Anyone wishing to study abroad should consider studying in USA. It should also be noted that the United States is not a cheap nation. On average, you should budget between USD1000 and USD3000 for your costs. Additionally, the location of your residence can influence the costs. If your institution is in a posh city like New York, your costs will be greater. It is vital to thoroughly outline the types of expenditures you may incur in the United States to plan correctly.

Kind of Expenses
S. No. Type of Expense Amount in USD
1 Accommodation USD 9800 - 11,100
2 Food USD 400 - USD 600
3 Transportation USD 45 - USD 100
4 Miscellaneous USD 400 - USD 1000
5 Health Insurance USD 700 - USD 1100

What are the Requirements to Study in USA?

Following are the requirements to study in USA for Indian students :

Bachelor’s Programs:

All your educational certifications would be required if you were to apply for your bachelor's degree in the United States. Aside from that, an IELTS score of at least 5.5 is required. The TOEFL (iBT) score should be between 70 and 89.

Master’s Programs:

A bachelor's degree with a score of 65%-70% is required to pursue a master's degree in the United States. A GRE score of at least 290 is required, as well as confirmation of English competence.

Doctoral Programs:

For enrolment in a Ph.D. in the United States, you will need to submit your academic credentials. In addition, your GMAT and GRE scores will be computed.

Which Exam is Required for Study in USA?


IELTS is recognized at practically all colleges in the United States. Most colleges, however, do not need it if you can demonstrate adequate English proficiency.


Not all universities require the TOEFL. Most Ph.D. candidates, however, will have to undertake one. Requirements vary depending on the university.


A PTE is a computer-based test that is widely recognized across the world. The majority of English-speaking countries request it. However, you may not need to have all of these tests performed.


The American College Test (ACT) is an examination with multiple choice that assesses your ability to think critically. A minimum score of 22 is required to pass.


A few colleges, including Harvard, accept the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). It's another multiple-choice exam.


If you want to study engineering or master's in the United States, you must take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Some business schools have also started accepting this score for MBA admissions.


If you wish to pursue your MBA in the United States, you must take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). To successfully pass the test, a minimum score of 700 is required.

Different exams may apply to specific subjects, such as the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) for law school admissions or the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) for medical school admissions.

Study in USA with Scholarship

Everyone reading this article aspires to study in USA with scholarship as it is the only path that will go easy on the pocket and will save you from heavy education loans and some of the scholarships can help you to study in USA for free. It is a reality that living in the United States is never inexpensive. However, you will almost certainly receive financial assistance from the different scholarships offered by colleges. Tuition costs account for the majority of your expenses, and these scholarships pay them entirely or partially. Pursue your ambition of studying abroad by contacting us at Shuraa Education and know more regarding Scholarships for Indian students in USA:

S. No. Name of Scholarship Details Amount in USD
1 AEF Scholarship The Ascend Educational Fund (AEF) is awarded to postgraduate students. USD 20,000
2 Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship This is given to all MBA graduates from the University of Chicago. USD 25,000
3 American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship This is intended for undergraduate students from underprivileged neighbourhoods. USD 4000
4 Asian Women in Business Scholarship Fund Asian women with a GPA of at least 3.0 are eligible. USD 2500
5 Cornell University Tata Scholarship It is presented to meritorious Indian undergraduate students. USD 7800
6 Fulbright-Nehru master's Fellowship It is given to PG students who are studying certain courses. USD 7000
7 LSEF-UMASS Scholarship All PG students at the University of Massachusetts who are enrolled in specific courses USD 29,500
8 Matt Fong Asian Americans in Public Finance Scholarship Students who major at a California college or university are eligible. USD 5000
9 Rotary Foundation This is given to those who work in six different fields. USD 15,000 - USD 30,000
10 Stanford Reliance Dhiru Bhai Fellowship Program MBA students at Stanford Graduate School of Business are eligible. USD 1,50,000

How to Obtain a USA Student Visa from India?

Indian students can apply for one of three types of visas to study in the United States:

F1 Student Visa:

This is the most prevalent visa, which allows for part-time or on-campus work as well as a year of Optical Practical Training (OPT).

J1 Student Visa:

It is intended for students pursuing practical training and offers the same job incentives as the F1 visa.

M1 Student Visa:

This visa will not allow the applicants to work.

The following are the prerequisites for an Indian student to study in the United States:

  • Demonstrating excellent performance on the general examinations and the English Proficiency test is crucial.
  • Letter of acceptance from the university.
  • Valid passport.
  • Proof of finance.
  • Necessary documents.

Upcoming Intakes in the USA

In contrast to Indian universities that typically have a single intake, American colleges and universities provide three intakes for students. These intakes, also known as semesters in some institutions, offer flexibility in terms of starting dates. In the United States, students have the option to begin their academic journey in one of the following three intakes:


Fall, which typically begins in the month of August, is a favored intake period for many Indian students.


It is advisable to consider the January intake rather than the September intake.


The Summer intake typically begins in May and is available for a limited number of programs and colleges.

Which Intake to opt for?

Choosing the most suitable intake for your studies can be a daunting task, requiring careful consideration of various factors. Factors to consider include the availability of your preferred program, your academic records, entrance test scores, acceptance rates, job opportunities, and your personal readiness to embark on your chosen program. By taking these factors into account, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your academic goals and aspirations.

To provide you with a general understanding of intakes and their durations in American universities and colleges, here is an overview:

Intakes Duration
Fall Term From August to December
Spring Term From January to April
Summer Term From May to August

*Intakes vary based on the institution and your program.

While the Fall intake remains popular among Indian students, it's worth noting that Spring and Summer intakes can also be favourable for specific programs. It is important to consider individual circumstances and program requirements when deciding on the most suitable intake. If, for instance, your documents are not yet prepared, it may be advisable to forgo rushing the application process and instead opt for the next available intake. Book a free counselling session with our experts at Shuraa and know more about which intake will suit you better to study in USA.

Post-study Work Opportunities in the USA

International students who wish to pursue their studies in the USA are required to obtain an F1-Visa. This particular visa allows them to remain in the country for up to 60 days after their graduation date. Following the completion of their studies, F1 visa holders have the option to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT). OPT is a work and stay-back permit that is valid for one year and is granted to international students who have successfully completed a degree program in the US. The ability to work after completing their studies is a significant consideration for students when deciding to pursue higher education in the USA. It is crucial for students to thoroughly understand the requirements and details of the post-study work visa in the USA prior to applying for such a program.

Education Loan to Study in USA

Education loans are critical in assisting Indian students who wish to study in the United States. These loans offer financial aid for tuition, living expenses, and other educational expenditures. Eligibility criteria normally require students to have obtained admission to an authorized college in the United States, as well as collateral and a co-applicant. Education loans are a realistic alternative for Indian students seeking higher education in the United States due to competitive interest rates and flexible repayment choices.

Indian students must conduct research and approach numerous banks and financial institutions in order to receive an education loan to study in the United States. Admission letters, academic records, and financial statements must be submitted as part of the application process. It is best to begin the loan application procedure early in order to give enough time for processing and approval. Indian students may accomplish their educational objectives in the United States and lay the way for a successful academic career by making educated decisions and obtaining professional help from our experts at Shuraa Education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Universities in the USA generally have two main intakes: Fall (August/September) and Spring (January/February). The Fall intake is more popular among international students as it aligns with the academic calendar. However, some universities also offer a limited number of programs for the Spring intake.
The admission process for universities in the USA can be competitive, especially for top-ranked institutions. Admissions are based on various factors such as academic performance, standardized test scores (like the SAT or ACT), letters of recommendation, essays, and extracurricular activities. It's important to thoroughly research the requirements of each university and prepare a strong application.
Yes, there are financial aid options available for international students studying in the USA. Some universities offer need-based financial aid or merit-based scholarships specifically for international students. Additionally, there are external organizations and foundations that provide scholarships and grants for international students.
Yes, international students studying in the USA can work on-campus during their studies. However, there are restrictions on the number of weekly hours they can work. Additionally, some universities may offer opportunities for off-campus employment, such as internships or co-op programs, which can provide practical work experience.
To study in the USA, international students need to obtain an F-1 student visa. The process typically involves applying to a SEVP-approved institution, receiving an I-20 form, paying the SEVIS fee, completing the DS-160 visa application, scheduling and attending a visa interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate, and providing the necessary documentation to support your application.
International students in the USA pursue a wide range of fields of study. Some popular ones include business administration, engineering, computer science, health sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. However, the options are not limited to these fields, and universities in the USA offer a diverse range of programs across various disciplines.

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