Who we are

Who we are?

Shuraa Education is one of the world's fastest-growing consulting firms for international education. Students in India are becoming more and more aware of the fantastic opportunities to study abroad. Young and aspiring students of our nation must have a clear understanding of the international universities and educational institutions that provide courses and post-study opportunities that best suit their needs and areas of interest.

Since our inception in 2021, We have been working to make international education more affordable & accessible.

Shuraa provides comprehensive counselling and application management services to students looking for an international education in top-notch locations. We represent top universities and educational institutions from around the world. We are here to help you make it happen if you are interested in receiving an international education.


Founded in 2001, Shuraa Management & Consultancy is a leading provider of company formation services in the UAE. We have decided to expand and go beyond and have opened our branch recently to guide international students with their university applications by making the process much simpler, so that the students would not have anything to worry about when coming abroad and starting their educational journey.

We Stand For

Community, Caring, Expertise, Integrity, and Quality are the values that guide us. These principles are demonstrated by our employees, clients, and work. Our teams' ability to contribute to the exceptional service we provide is made possible by our dedication to our ideals.


By following the greatest standards of personal integrity and fostering an environment at work that values respect, openness, and transparency, we continuously aim to win the trust of our clients, customers, and business partners.


We give advice and counselling of the greatest caliber, with the best results for our clients always being our first concern in each of our enterprises.


We can offer comprehensive and up-to-date information because we are experts in our field. We take pleasure in our knowledge and commitment to lifelong learning, which enables us to continuously improve our offerings in order to better serve our clients.


Since we understand that every customer is unique, we tailor solutions with humility and empathy to provide the greatest results.


We are aware that Shuraa works with local and international education communities. We work hard to make sure that our operations improve those communities' quality of life.

What we do

Attend the global university of your choice!

Your career goals are important to us, so we match your preferences with the top universities around the world. We warmly invite you to pursue your goals in the same prestigious universities where thousands of our students have already begun their programmes and aspirations.

Student Visa

  • Students from India who wish to study at UK universities must apply for a Tier 4 Visa to Study in the UK. The ability to work up to 20 hours per week and full-time during breaks as a student with a tier 4 visa is advantageous because the money can help you cover some of your expenses.
  • You are strongly encouraged to apply for a visa as soon as you receive official confirmation from the university and at least three months before the start of the degree programme.
  • Completed application form, acceptance letter, official identification documents, financial statements to show you have enough money in your account, proof of English proficiency, visa application fee, and official transcripts of a relevant college or high school transcripts are typically some of the requirements.


We will assist you in finding and applying for the scholarships you deserve the most from the many available at our international universities.

  • Alerts regarding the most recent and expensive scholarships.
  • Advice on how to submit a scholarship application.
  • Aid with scholarship essay writing

University Selection

Shuraa Education Consultancy are partnered with over 700+ universities all over the world to bring you a service to support you with your applications for: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Oxbridge, Medicine and PhD. We ensure that students are provided with the key information needed for their future.

Course Guidance

Making a course choice is important because it affects your career. Students at the universities have a way to meld their theoretical knowledge with real-world experience. The programmes are specifically created to give you all the skills you need, aid in your understanding of the subject matter, and get you ready for a career.

Education Loan Assistance

Going overseas for further education? You may be wondering how you pay for your schooling. Discovered the ideal course for you? Regardless of your motivations for studying abroad, we at Shuraa Education are aware that receiving a top-notch education is essential. To provide our students with a one-stop shop for Education loans that will make their journey to a better future convenient and easy, we have worked with some of the most reputable financial institutions in India.

Accommodation Assistance

Through our dependable housing partners in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and New Zealand, Shuraa can assist you in selecting your new residence. Additionally, we have access to some special prices and discounts. For assistance in selecting the best choice for you, use our comparison tool or speak with your expert counsellor. Once you've decided, they can also assist you with the application procedure.

Pre-departure Support

We are devoted to ensuring that you feel supported during your study abroad experience. Proper planning for your study abroad is critical to your success. We want you to have all of the resources you need to have the greatest possible study experience. These pre-departure orientation workshops will assist you in navigating personal and cultural development possibilities while overseas.

Nurturing students to achieve their global academic goals.

Because our vision is to make your dreams come true.

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