PTE Exam 2024 - Eligibility, Registration, Fee

Pursuing studying abroad and opportunities often requires demonstrating proficiency in the English language. One pathway that facilitates this is the Pearson Test of English (PTE), a gateway for numerous individuals aspiring for international education or immigration. Each year, many students undertake this exam to showcase their English proficiency. However, being well-informed about the PTE Exam 2024 is crucial to navigate it successfully.

For those gearing up for the PTE Exam 2024, this blog is tailored to your needs. Offering a comprehensive guide, it sheds light on every vital aspect of the PTE Exam 2024, from exam dates and fees to eligibility criteria and preparation tips. Join Shuraa Education on this exploration to thoroughly understand the PTE Test.

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What is the PTE Exam?

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) stands as a universally acknowledged assessment of English language proficiency, specifically crafted to assess the linguistic abilities of individuals who are not native English speakers. For those aspiring to study abroad, embark on an international career, or migrate to an English-speaking nation, the PTE Test 2024 is critical to unlocking success.

Categories of PTE Exams

The PTE Exam comprises three distinct types designed for various purposes:

PTE Academic:

This examination is customised for individuals with aspirations of pursuing higher education in foreign countries.

PTE Academic UKVI:

Serving as a Secure English Language Test (SELT) sanctioned by the Home Office, this exam is mandatory for all visas related to work or study in the United Kingdom.

PTE Home:

Optimal for those aiming at immigration, work, or professional registration, the PTE Home Exam is the preferred choice.

Key Features of the PTE Exam

As you commence your PTE journey in 2024, it is crucial to stay well-acquainted with the significant highlights of the exam.

Exam Name PTE Test
PTE Full Form Pearson Test of English
Conducting Body Pearson PLC Group
Mode Taken in a test centre
Types 3 Types (PTE Academic, PTE Academic UKVI, PTE Home)
Test Medium Computer-based with a headset provided by the exam centre
Skills Tested English in Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading
Accepted by Universities in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand
Purpose To Test English language proficiency
Official Website

Choosing PTE Test Dates in 2024

Candidates planning to take the PTE exams in 2024 must complete their registration through the official website. Additionally, they need to verify the availability of PTE test dates in 2024 across various PTE exam centres. PTE exams are conducted from Monday to Sunday, offering flexibility for candidates. Those aiming to take the Pearson PTE exams in 2024 can do so at over 400 global test centres. Results for PTE exams in 2024 are typically available within 3-5 days after the examination.

Here are the steps to follow when scheduling Pearson PTE exam dates:

  • Create or log in to your account on the official PTE Academic Website.
  • Enter all the necessary details in alignment with your passport information.
  • Choose the specific test you intend to take, such as PTE Academic or PTE-A, UKVI, Home, or PTE Academic Online.
  • Select a convenient test centre location.
  • Pick a preferred Pearson PTE exam date.
  • Review the chosen PTE exam dates and locations.
  • Complete the registration by making the necessary payment and save the acknowledgement receipt.

PTE Exam Schedule 2024

Awareness of the exam timetable is a fundamental step in your PTE preparation. Punctuality is crucial, as it enables you to prepare efficiently. Below are the PTE Exam dates for 2024.

Month PTE Exam Dates 2024
January 5th, 11th, 18th, 25th January 2024
February 1st, 8th, 16th, 22nd February 2024
March 7th, 15th, 21st, 28th March 2024
April 4th, 11th, 19th, 24th April 2024
May 3rd, 6th, 16th, 21st, 30th May 2024
June 6th, 14th, 20th, 28th June 2024
July 3rd, 12th, 26th July 2024
August 2nd, 6th, 28th August 2024
September 5th, 13th, 18th, 26th September 2024
October 3rd, 8th, 16th, 24th October 2024
November November 2024
December December 2024

Note: Be aware that these dates are subject to change. It is crucial to verify the specific dates for your region on the official PTE website.

PTE Exam Qualification Criteria

Let's delve into the eligibility criteria for participating in the PTE Exam 2024.

Age Requirement:

There is no designated age limit for the PTE Test; individuals of all age groups are eligible to take the exam.

Educational Qualifications:

Typically, there are no stringent educational prerequisites for the PTE Exam. It is accessible to individuals with diverse academic backgrounds.


On the test day, it is mandatory to present a valid, government-issued photo identification. This identification should align with the information provided during the registration process.

PTE Registration Process 2024

Let's acquaint ourselves with the PTE registration procedure for the year 2024.

  • Step 1:

  • Create a Pearson account on the official PTE website.

  • Step 2:

  • Once your account is set up, log in to schedule your test. Choose your preferred exam date and location. Remember that popular test centres tend to fill up quickly, so booking early is advisable.

  • Step 3:

  • Complete the payment of the exam fee using the provided payment methods, typically including credit/debit cards.

  • Step 4:

  • Following the settlement of PTE Exam Fees, you will receive a confirmation email containing your test details. Carefully review this information to prevent any discrepancies on the test day.

  • Step 5:

  • Ensure you possess the required identification documents, such as a valid passport, and bring them to the test centre.

  • Step 6:

  • On the test day, arrive at the test centre with sufficient time before the scheduled time. Adhere to all instructions provided by the test centre staff.

  • Step 7:

  • Expect to receive your PTE scores via email within a few business days after completing the exam.

PTE Online Test Enrollment Process

To book PTE Academic online, a valid ID, typically a passport, is required. Candidates must present this ID on the exam day; failure to do so will result in denial of entry to the PTE Test center. Here's a step-by-step guide to PTE 2024 Registration:

  • Visit the official PTE Academic website.
  • Create your Pearson account by providing your personal details.
  • Upon completing the registration process, you will receive an email from Pearson within 48 hours containing your login details.
  • The next step is to locate your nearest test center.
  • Choose a suitable time and date for your exam.
  • After selecting all the necessary details (time, date, and slot), proceed to the checkout button.
  • Make the payment to finalize your booking.

PTE Exam Fees 2024 in India

The fee for the PTE Exam fees in India is INR 15,900*. Candidates are required to submit this fee at the time of exam registration.

How to Change or Reschedule Your PTE Exam?

If you decide not to take the PTE Academic test, you can request a refund up to 14 calendar days before the scheduled test date. The process of cancelling or rescheduling the PTE Academic exam can be completed on the official website. candidates can reschedule the PTE exam for 2024 to a different date through phone assistance or online. Additional information regarding the fees associated with canceling and rescheduling the PTE Academic exam can be found below.

PTE Exam Cancellation Charges

Candidates who opt not to proceed with their PTE Academic test, having initially booked it online, can request a full refund up to 14 calendar days before their scheduled test date. If the cancellation occurs with less than 14 calendar days but at least 7 calendar days before the test date, candidates will receive a partial refund amounting to 50% of the originally paid test fee. However, no refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 7 calendar days before the exam. It's important to be aware that the cancellation and reschedule policy does not apply to the test date itself.

PTE Exam Rescheduling Charges

Candidates intending to reschedule the test within the timeframe of less than 14 calendar days but at least 7 full calendar days before their scheduled test date, will incur a rescheduling fee equivalent to 50% of the test fee. No refunds will be granted for rescheduling the exam less than 7 calendar days before the scheduled test date. It's important to emphasize that the rescheduling policy does not apply to the test date itself.

PTE Exam Structure 2024

Comprehending the organisation and layout of the PTE Test is essential for thorough preparation. The PTE Exam Structure 2024 comprises four sections to assess distinct language skills. Your proficiency in each segment contributes to your overall PTE score. The following outlines the PTE Test Pattern for 2024.

Section PTE Exam Pattern 2024
Listening Within this category, the duration ranges from 45 to 57 minutes, during which you are tasked with responding to questions that stem from audio and video clips.
Reading Within 32 to 40 minutes, your objective is to finish exercises like multiple-choice questions (MCQs), fill in blanks, and arrange text paragraphs.
Writing & Speaking In the PTE, you are allotted 77 to 93 minutes to fulfil various tasks, including self-introduction, reading aloud, describing images, summarising texts, and composing essays.

PTE Exam Curriculum 2024

Now, delve into the details of the syllabus 2024. Although the exact content of the Pearson PTE Test has yet to be pre-defined, it is crucial to familiarise yourself with the types of questions and tasks that may be presented in each section.

Pearson PTE Syllabus 2024
Speaking Writing Reading Listening
Personal Introduction Personal Introduction Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks Summarise Spoken Text
Read Aloud Read Aloud Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers
Repeat Sentence Repeat Sentence Re-order Paragraphs Fill in the Blanks
Describe Image Describe Image Fill in the Blanks Highlight Correct Summary
Re-tell Lecture Re-tell Lecture Multiple Choice, Single Answer Multiple Choice, Single Answer
Answer Short Question Answer Short Question Select Missing Word
Summarise Written Text Summarise Written Text Highlight Incorrect Words
Essay Essay Write from Dictation

PTE Exam Results and Scoring

The PTE Exam employs a scoring system that spans 10 to 90 points, with individual scores assigned to each section. Candidates can access their results and scores by logging into their PTE online account. Additionally, candidates receive an email containing their results, which are also published on the official website.

PTE Exam Preparation Tips

To excel in the 2024 exam, consider these valuable PTE preparation tips:

  • Acquaint yourself with the exam format and the tasks in each section.
  • Consistently practice enhancing your language skills, utilising PTE practice tests and sample questions.
  • After practice tests, review your answers and learn from any mistakes.
  • Practice effective time management during your preparation and the test, as each section has specific time limits.
  • Take full-length PTE mock tests to simulate the actual exam experience and identify areas for improvement
  • Seek teacher or language expert feedback on your speaking and writing skills.
  • Expand your vocabulary by reading extensively and using flashcards.
  • On the test day, maintain calm and focus, managing anxiety with deep breathing exercises and positive self-talk.

Pearson PTE Practice Papers

Boost your preparation by engaging with PTE practice papers. These papers offer authentic practice questions and tasks that closely mirror what you will face in the actual exam. Practising with these sample papers enhances your confidence and contributes to performance improvement.

Concluding Thoughts with Shuraa Education

In summary, the PTE Exam 2024 is of considerable significance for individuals aiming to pursue international education, work globally, or relocate to English-speaking nations. Gain confidence in your journey by familiarising yourself with the Pearson PTE Exam format, registration process, eligibility criteria, and preparation tips. Connect with Shuraa Education today, where our experts are ready to assist you with any queries or questions related to studying abroad. We are here to help you every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can register for the PTE Exam online through the official Pearson website. Simply create an account, choose your preferred test date and location, and complete the payment.

Yes, you can retake the PTE Exam. There is no limit to the number of times you can take the test, but each retake requires a separate payment.

PTE scores are typically emailed within a few business days after completing the exam. However, during peak periods, it may take slightly longer.

PTE exam dates are available for booking year-round, and you can check the availability on the official Pearson PTE website.

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