We are devoted to ensuring that you feel supported during your study abroad experience. Proper planning for your study abroad is critical to your success. We want you to have all of the resources you need to have the greatest possible study experience.

That's why our counsellors are always ready to answer your questions and calm your fears, and we hold pre-departure briefings all year to help you prepare for life in your new country.

Visiting to belonging

These pre-departure orientation workshops will assist you in navigating personal and cultural development possibilities while overseas.

Home Stay

You'll learn more about:

Perspectives on the local culture

Before you arrive in the country of study, you should be familiar with the local culture and customs. This will ease your transition into the community and allow you to interact more successfully with your new classmates. Learning about how people from other cultures things half the fun of doing differently is travelling overseas.

Life as a student in your new country

When studying abroad, you will need to acclimatize to a new learning environment with various learning styles, classroom conditions, and expectations. As a student, you will also be exposed to new cultural norms.

The experience of culture shock

Culture shock is a symptom of adjusting to a culture that is not your own. Culture shock exists and is a significant factor in adjusting to your study nation. We'll talk about how to spot cultural shock and offer various coping and adjusting tactics.

Support and happiness in your new nation

We detail some of the practical support that is available to overseas students, whether it is academic support, English language assistance, or visa counsel.

Banking and currency exchange

Setting up a bank account will be one of the first things on your to-do list when you arrive in your new study nation. If you choose to work, having a local bank account will guarantee that you have simple access to your money to pay for your lodging, tuition fees, and living expenses, as well as allowing your employer to deposit payment into your account.

Working while studying and internship guidance

Working while studying abroad can supplement your education and living experience. We'll go over how to keep within the parameters of your student visa and give you some pointers on how to find decent student employment... as well as much more practical advice and support.

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