The process of applying for a student visa is difficult. The process of getting a visa to study abroad takes some time, but with the assistance of an advisor from Shuraa, it might be surprisingly easy. We assist you all in completing your visa applications, reporting, coaching for mock interviews, and other steps of the procedure. 99% of our students are successful in getting visas, despite the application process for international students being complicated. Some countries have a paper-based visa application process, while other countries use an internet application process. Your navigation will be aided by this process.

Additionally, our advisers assist in creating the study plan that some consulates request. The consulates regularly update us on the latest visa-related paperwork and laws.

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When Should You Apply for a Student Visa?

An authorization from the immigration authorities for a passport is a student visa. You have a specific amount of time to enter and study.

Your student visa application can get started as soon as you receive confirmation of enrolment from the university or institution of your choice. Although the length of time you must apply for your visa differs from country to country, the optimum thing to apply for is to begin your course as soon as feasible.

To use any financial assistance, such as an academic loan, a visa should be made available in advance because this could take a long time if you intend to seek financial support (in the form of scholarships and school loans).


Process for Applying for Student Visas

There are several steps to consider while applying for a student visa. However, the order of these phases may vary depending on the rules and laws in the country being examined.

Most students require evidence of:
  • Enrolment at a reputable college or university.
  • Evidence showing you and your family can afford the cost of the flights, tuition, and living expenses while you're here.
  • Passport size and photo validity is good for at least six months following your visit.
  • Some nations may demand confirmation of English proficiency, as well as medical examinations, police checks, and/or health inspections.

How Shuraa Can Assist with the Visa Process?

If you are a Shuraa Education associate and have a letter from one of our 500+ partner universities in Australia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United States, we can help you with the entire process. We'll make sure you are fully aware of the most recent requirements and circumstances for your visa.

Our team of experts will direct you to the appropriate websites and approved immigration officials to ensure that you receive the most recent application formats and recommendations. To help you with your issues, we can also certify, translate, and ship your documents for you.

Pre-Departure Training

Living abroad could be rewarding and challenging at the same time. In order to facilitate entry for Indian students and make sure you are informed and ready before you travel abroad, Shuraa arranges a pre-departure session. It provides information about the various facets of a student's living abroad. Additionally, it enables international travel and visits to the same university by other students and their parents. Here, you can also find our value-added service suppliers who can help students with things like insurance, currency exchange, travel, cell sims, etc. Students who have just completed their studies or are currently enrolled in programmes overseas share their first-hand knowledge to assist others in acclimating to the foreign environment and culture.

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