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Study Abroad Expert November 16, 2023

Finance Courses in USA: Find out the Best Finance Programs in the US

Finance Courses in USA, offer international students a gateway to a world of career opportunities. For those seeking firsthand knowledge of finance principles and concepts to advance their careers, the USA presents a wealth of enticing options. With a wide array of finance programs and specializations available at the country’s top universities, students can prepare for successful careers in commerce, finance, and business management.

International students aspiring to secure top-tier educational opportunities that lay the foundation for prosperous futures need look no further than the United States. In this blog, Shuraa Education will explore the best finance courses to study abroad, leading universities for finance programs, eligibility requirements, and more. 

Why OPT for Premier Finance Courses in USA?

When considering Finance courses in the USA, students are presented with many advantages of studying abroad. Here are compelling reasons to choose these colleges in the USA: 

  1. Best Ranked Universities: The USA boasts renowned educational institutions that offer captivating opportunities and courses in finance. These universities are globally recognized for delivering exceptional education, enabling students to establish successful careers in the finance industry.
  2. Diverse Specializations: At the top finance universities in the USA, students can explore various specializations, from bachelor’s degrees to master’s and Doctorate programs. These courses cover various aspects of commerce, finance, operations, marketing, and more, providing students with comprehensive knowledge and skills.
  3. Abundant Job Prospects: Graduates of the best postgraduate and y finance courses in USA have access to exceptional career prospects. The country has numerous financial establishments and business corporations, making it a hub for finance-related employment opportunities. This thriving industry landscape positions the USA as one of the premier destinations for students seeking quality education in finance.


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Top-Ranked Universities in the USA for Finance Education

Explore the leading institutions that provide outstanding finance courses in USA. This overview by Shuraa Education will delve into crucial information about these universities, including their rankings, available programs, and more. It will surely help to get the best universities to study abroad.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Established in 1861 as a private research institution, MIT stands as a pinnacle for finance education globally. Renowned for providing highly lucrative finance courses, MIT secures its position at the forefront of our recommendations. The institution offers an extensive array of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Finance Programs catering to students worldwide. The MIT Sloan School of Management equips students for finance careers by covering essential topics such as Business Laws, Taxation, Finance Management, Industrial Business, and much more within its finance courses. 

Type of Institution Private
QS World University Rankings 2023 1
QS World Subject Ranking 2022 3
Programs Offered
Annual Average Fees Bachelors: $58808/ INR 47 Lakhs

Masters: $118242.50/ INR 94.5 Lakhs

PhD: $78853.36/ INR 63.02 Lakhs

2. Columbia University

Columbia University is one of the premier private institutions offering top-notch finance courses in the USA. Drawing students from across the globe to study abroad, the university provides a diverse range of finance programs to foster a deep understanding of the subject matter. At Columbia University, students can explore numerous postgraduate and undergraduate finance courses in USA degree options covering essential concepts in finance, accounting, business management, taxation laws, business laws, indirect taxes, administration, and more. 

Type of Institution Private
QS World University Rankings 2023 22
QS World Subject Ranking 2022 12
Programs Offered
  • MSc Financial Economics
  • MA Mathematics of Finance
  • MBA Finance
  • BSC Financial Engineering
Annual Average Fees Bachelors: $58,000/ INR 4635389.23

Master: $84,000/ INR 6713322.34

3. UC Berkeley

The Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, is a highly esteemed institution providing exceptional finance programs to students worldwide. Offering a comprehensive range of degrees, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate in Finance, the school presents diverse options for aspiring learners. The Haas School of Business features specialized programs such as Bachelor of Management and Entrepreneurship, catering to varying interests. Additionally, students have the flexibility to attend evening and weekend finance classes, ensuring access to tailored and convenient learning experiences. UC Berkeley also offers a one-year Master of Financial Engineering program, enhancing students’ expertise. Furthermore, the institution provides valuable opportunities through internship programs and applied finance projects, enriching students’ practical knowledge and skills. 

Type of Institution Public
QS World University Rankings 2023
QS World Subject Ranking 2022
Programs Offered
  • Bachelor of Management
  • Master of Financial Engineering
  • Master of Finance
  • PhD Finance
Annual Average Fees Bachelors: $34000/ INR 26 Lakhs

Masters: $68693.26/ INR 54.9 Lakhs


4. The University of Texas

Established in 1883, the University of Texas, Austin, is a renowned public university recognized for providing top-quality STEM and Finance courses in Texas. At this institution, students can gain firsthand experience in essential finance concepts, including Accounting, Financial Management, Business Administration, Taxation, Economics, and more. The finance program’s curriculum includes internships and industry-related projects, allowing students to grasp their future roles in the professional sector even before completing their academic year. 

Consequently, it is one of the finest choices for pursuing a finance course. The university offers various finance courses, ranging from undergraduate finance courses in the USA to postgraduate levels, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for students. 

Type of Institution Public
QS World University Rankings 2023 72
QS World Subject Ranking 2022 37
Programs Offered BBA Finance

Master of Science Finance

Annual Average Fees Bachelors: $47171.87/ INR 37.7 Lakhs

Masters: $48172.87/ INR 38.5 Lakhs

5. The University of Illinois 

Students choosing undergraduate finance courses in the USA and postgraduate finance courses at the University of Illinois in Chicago can enjoy many advantages. Upon enrolling in these programs, students can explore in-depth financial topics such as Financial Accounting, Business Laws, Tax Laws, Business Analytics, Business Administration, Behavioral Science, and more. Additionally, the university provides internship opportunities for recent graduates’ keen on gaining firsthand experience in the finance industry, enhancing their practical knowledge and skills. 

Type of Institution Public
QS World University Rankings 2023 317
QS World Subject Ranking 2022 151- 200
Programs Offered BSc in Finance

MSc in Finance

Annual Average Fees Bachelors: $22743/ INR 18 Lakhs

Masters: $45486/ INR 35 Lakhs

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Top MBA Programs in Finance in the USA

University Name QS Global Rankings 2023 Tuition Fees (USD)
Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) 1 99,369
Booth School of Business (University of Chicago) 1 77,841
MIT Sloan School of Management (MIT) 5 82,600
Stern School of Business (New York University) 12 82,326
Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University) 58 120,229

Other Finance Colleges in USA

University Name QS Global Rankings 2023 Tuition Fees (USD)
Princeton University 28 62,570
University of Michigan- Ann Arbor 31 60,548
Cornell University 32 83,120
Northwestern University 33 120,229
University of Texas- Austin 37 28,133
Duke University 38 65,300
University of Illinois– Urbana– Champaign 57 32,545
Ohio State University 71 61,114
Texas A&M University 88 54,000
Carnegie Mellon University 92 59,519

Finance Colleges in USA for Undergraduate Programs

University Name Tuition Fees (USD) Tuition Fees (INR)
Harvard University 61,570 50.9 L
Stanford University 43,089 35.68 L
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 58,836 48.72 L
University of Chicago, Chicago 77,841 64.46 L
University of Pennsylvania 88,734 73.48 L

Doctorate Programs in Finance at US Universities

University Name Tuition Fees (USD) Tuition Fees (INR)
The Princeton University 62,570 51.8 L
University of Michigan- Ann Arbor 37,840 31.3 L
Cornell University 29,500 24.43 L
Northwestern University 44,016 36.45 L
University of Texas- Austin 28,133 23.29 L

Curriculum for Finance Degrees in the USA

The high demand for the best finance programs in the US is driven by the promising career prospects they offer. The curriculum for finance programs in the USA encompasses a broad spectrum of subjects, including 

  • Financial Accounting and Reporting 
  • Business Laws, Business Correspondence, and Reporting 
  • Taxation 
  • Corporate Laws 
  • Cost Accounting and Financial Management 
  • Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics 
  • Business Laws, Ethics, and Communication 
  • Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation 


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Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for Finance Programs in the USA

Before applying to renowned colleges and universities offering 1-year finance courses in the USA, it’s crucial for students to be aware of the eligibility criteria. While specific requirements may vary across institutions, we’ve compiled some common prerequisites shared by most colleges. 

1. Educational Qualifications:

For both graduate and postgraduate finance courses in the USA, students must meet specific educational qualifications. For a bachelor’s degree in finance, candidates need a 12th-grade certificate from a recognized university. Postgraduate applicants must have completed their bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

2. Work Experience: 

Some students may be required to have prior work experience before applying for a master’s program in top finance universities and colleges. Typically, at least 2 years of work experience is essential.

3. English Language Test Scores: 

International students whose primary language is not English need to take English Language Proficiency Tests like IELTS or TOEFL. The required scores are: 

  • IELTS: 6.0-7.0 
  • TOEFL: 90-110


4. Entrance Exam Scores:

While not mandatory for all institutions, certain prestigious colleges in the USA may require entrance exam scores. It’s advisable to be prepared with these scores: 

  • GMAT: 510-550 
  • GRE: 315-330 


5. USA Student Visa:

International students interested in studying finance in the USA must apply for a US student visa after receiving an acceptance letter from the university they have applied to. 

Required Documents for Finance Programs in the USA

For aspiring students aiming to pursue finance studies in the USA’s top universities, it’s essential to familiarize themselves with the official documents necessary for admission into these institutions: 

  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR) 
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Statement of Purpose 
  • English Language Proficiency (ELP) Test Scores 
  • Portfolio (if applicable) 
  • Proof of Financial Support 
  • Valid Passport 
  • Current Passport-size Photographs


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Admission Process for Studying Finance Courses in the USA

While the admission procedures may vary among universities and finance colleges in the USA, we’ve outlined some fundamental steps to follow when seeking admission to top institutions: 

  • Research Universities: Visit the websites of the universities and colleges you are interested in. Review the eligibility criteria to ensure your qualifications meet the requirements. 
  • Prepare Documents: Gather all necessary documents and permits required for the application process. 
  • Complete Application: Fill out the application form with accurate details and pay the application fee. 
  • Document Submission: Upload essential documents, including passport-sized photographs, as part of your application submission. 
  • Application Review: Await confirmation of your application. If accepted, you may receive an email detailing interview rounds with the university. 
  • Interview Rounds: Successfully complete the interview rounds set by the university. 
  • Acceptance Offer: Upon clearing the interview process, you will receive an acceptance offer letter from the college or university. Respond to the offer as required. 
  • Enrollment: Complete the enrollment process at the chosen institution. Select your course and pay the tuition fee to finalize your enrollment. 
  • Visa Application: Once you have the acceptance letter, apply for a USA student visa and make necessary travel arrangements. 
  • Commence Studies: Begin your finance course after arriving in the USA, following the guidelines provided by the university.


Exploring the cost of Studying and Living in USA

 When delving into the factors that shape the cost of education and living in the USA, a myriad of considerations comes into play. On an average scale, a student is required to allocate over 1000 USD monthly for both academic pursuits and day-to-day living expenses. 

  1. Tuition Fees Variation


The cost of education in finance across different types of institutions in the USA exhibits notable disparities. Public colleges, offering finance courses, present a yearly fee structure ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 USD. Conversely, private universities tend to command a slightly higher tuition fee, with annual costs ranging from 25,000 to 80,000 USD. It’s essential to note that tuition fees can be influenced by factors such as the chosen course and specialization. 

  1. Delineating Living Costs


While the annual tuition fees for finance courses in the USA might seem daunting, managing living expenses becomes a strategic aspect of the overall budget. International students, in particular, find themselves spending approximately 800 USD per month, encompassing aspects like food, transportation, and other essential supplies. Making prudent choices in daily expenses can significantly impact the overall affordability of studying and residing in the USA.

Scholarships for Finance Courses in USA

Colleges and universities in the USA provide a diverse array of scholarships to students enrolled in finance programs. These scholarships serve as valuable resources, offering financial assistance to students managing their expenses while studying in the USA. Here are some of the available scholarship options: 

Universities Scholarships Details
MIT Sloan School of Management OGE Administered Fellowships Partial waiver for program fees
Gies College of Business Golden Scholarships Partial payment of tuition expenses
UC Berkeley Haas School of Business The Chengchun “Arthur” Qi Book Scholarship $1000
UCLA Anderson School of Management Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarship Up to $100000

Prospects After Completing Finance Courses in the USA

Graduates who have successfully completed their Finance STEM courses in the USA can anticipate a promising career path. Public and private companies, as well as financial corporations, actively seek out fresh graduates who have obtained their degrees from the country’s top finance universities.

On average, finance graduates in the USA can earn annual salaries ranging from 40,000 to 150,000 USD. It’s important to note that salary figures may vary based on the chosen specialization and program.

Job Title Pay Scale (Annual)
Financial Analyst $81,760
Personal Financial Advisor $90,530
Securities, Commodities and Financial Services Sales Agents $67,310
Actuary $100,610
Financial Manager $121,750

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Pursuing finance education in the USA offers extensive career prospects as you receive training from industry experts at the country’s leading finance universities. This opportunity is highly lucrative for international students and should not be overlooked. If you’re considering enrolling in finance universities and colleges in the USA, Shuraa Education can assist you in choosing the perfect course and college for your aspirations. Feel free to contact us via email at or reach out to us via phone or WhatsApp at +91 931 999 8924 for expert guidance and support.


Q1. Is the USA a suitable destination for studying finance courses?

Yes, the USA is highly regarded among students aspiring for finance careers. With numerous top universities and colleges consistently featured in the US University Finance Rankings, the country offers abundant educational opportunities for finance students.

Q2. Are there part-time job opportunities for students in the USA?

Certainly, international students pursuing finance degrees in the USA have the option to work part-time. There are diverse job opportunities available, providing financial aid to students during their studies. 

Q3. What types of education programs are available for finance students in the USA?

Universities and colleges in the USA offer a variety of finance courses catering to international students. These include bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs, along with certificate courses and diploma programs. Students have a wide range of options to choose from to advance their finance education.

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