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Study Abroad Expert September 21, 2023

MS in Business Analytics in USA: Top Colleges, Eligibility, Fee Structure

Business analytics has become an essential tool for companies in today’s data-driven world. As businesses strive to gain a competitive edge, the importance of analysing and interpreting data has grown exponentially. This has led to a surge in demand for professionals with expertise in business analytics. One way to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge is by pursuing a MS in Business Analytics in USA. 

US universities offer some of the best business analytics programs in the world, and graduates of these programs are in high demand by employers. 

So, let’s explore some of these top colleges offering MS in Business Analytics programs in the USA, discuss the eligibility criteria, and provide insights into the fees involved. However, here’s a brief overview of MS in Business Analytics and why is it a great career. 

Why Study MS in Business Analytics?

Studying for a Master of Science (MS) in Business Analytics is more than just obtaining a degree. Business analytics is a rapidly growing field that uses data to help businesses make better decisions. 

Business analysts use their skills to collect, analyze, and interpret data to identify trends, patterns, and insights that can help businesses improve their operations, increase sales, and reduce costs. 

Here’s why pursuing an MS in Business Analytics can be a game-changer for your career: 

1. Competitive edge

In a job market saturated with candidates, having an MS in Business Analytics sets you apart. It demonstrates your commitment to gaining specialized knowledge and skills that can make a strong impact on an organization’s bottom line. 

2. High demand for business analysts

The demand for business analysts is growing rapidly as businesses of all sizes increasingly rely on data to make decisions. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of management analysts, which includes business analysts, is projected to grow 11% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations. 

3. Handsome salary

With high demand comes the potential for high rewards. Business Analytics professionals often enjoy competitive salaries and attractive compensation packages, making it a financially rewarding career choice.

4. Innovation and impact

Business Analytics professionals play a pivotal role in driving innovation and data-driven decision-making. If you’re passionate about problem-solving and making a real impact, this field offers ample opportunities. 

5. Opportunities for career advancement

Business analysts have many opportunities for career advancement. They can move into senior-level management positions, start their own businesses, or become consultants. 

Why Study MS in Business Analytics in USA?

Choosing to pursue an MS in business Analytics in the United States is a decision that can open doors to a world of opportunities and possibilities. 

The USA has long been a global leader in higher education, renowned for its cutting-edge research, world-class faculty, and diverse learning environments. 

Here are some compelling reasons why studying for an MS in Business Analytics in the USA is a wise choice: 

1. Access to world-class education

US universities offer some of the best business analytics programs in the world. These programs are taught by experienced faculty and provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the field. 

2. Diverse Learning Environment

The USA is a pool of cultures, and its universities reflect this diversity. Studying alongside peers from different backgrounds and nationalities enriches your learning experience and prepares you for a globalized workforce. 

3. Hands-on experience

Many US business analytics programs offer internships or capstone projects, which give you the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in the field. This experience will be invaluable when you start applying for jobs after graduation. 

4. High job placement rates

Graduates of business analytics courses in USA are in high demand by employers. Many US companies are looking to hire qualified business analysts to help them make better decisions. 

5. Attractive salaries

Business analysts earn competitive salaries in the USA. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for business analysts was $91,010 in 2021.

6. Diverse Career Opportunities

The USA offers a vast job market with a wide range of industries, from tech giants in Silicon Valley to financial hubs in New York. This diversity means you can tailor your career to your interests and goals.

Top Colleges for MS in Business Analytics in USA

When it comes to pursuing an MS in Business Analytics in USA, the abundance of choices can be both exciting and overwhelming. To help you find the right college/university, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 colleges in USA that excel in offering exceptional Master’s in Business Analytics programs. 

Rank Institution Specialization Location Fees (USD/year) 
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Business Analytics Cambridge, MA 77,250
2 Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper) Business Analytics Pittsburgh, PA 75,700
3 Georgia Institute of Technology (Scheller) Business Analytics Atlanta, GA 63,800
4 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) Business Analytics Philadelphia, PA 78,500
5 New York University (Stern) Business Analytics New York, NY 78,500
6 University of California, Berkeley (Haas) Business Analytics Berkeley, CA 67,800
7 University of Texas at Austin (McCombs) Business Analytics Austin, TX 54,616
8 Columbia University Business Analytics New York, NY 78,500
9 University of Chicago (Booth) Business Analytics Chicago, IL 78,500
10 Duke University Business Analytics Durham, NC 77,800
11 University of Southern California (Marshall) Business Analytics Los Angeles, CA 78,500
12 Cornell University Business Analytics Ithaca, NY 78,500
13 University of Michigan Business Analytics Ann Arbor, MI 65,700
14 Northwestern University (Kellogg) Business Analytics Evanston, IL 78,500
15 Purdue University Business Analytics West Lafayette, IN  56,700
16 Indiana University Kelley School of Business Business Analytics Bloomington, IN 63,000
17 University of Maryland, College Park Business Analytics College Park, MD 54,000
18 University of Washington Business Analytics Seattle, WA 61,600
19 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Business Analytics Urbana, IL 57,000
20 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler) Business Analytics Chapel Hill, NC 67,000

MS in Business Analytics course duration –

The course duration for an MS in Business Analytics in USA typically ranges from 1 to 2 years. Some programs may offer accelerated options that can be completed in as little as 1 year, while others may take up to 2 years to complete. 

The duration of the program will depend on several factors, such as the number of credits required, the format of the program (full-time vs. part-time), and whether the program includes an internship or capstone project. 

Ultimately, the best way to choose a program is to consider your individual needs and goals. If you are unsure which program is right for you, you may want to consult with an academic advisor.

Application Process for Business Analyst in the USA

Studying for an MS in Business Analytics in the USA is an exciting opportunity, but the application process can be quite competitive.  

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the application process: 

1. Research universities and programs

Start by researching universities that offer Business Analytics courses in USA. Consider factors like program reputation, location, financial aid, and admission requirements. Create a list of universities that align with your goals and preferences. 

2. Meet Eligibility Criteria

Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements for the universities on your list. Common requirements include a bachelor’s degree, GRE or GMAT scores, and English language proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS). 

3. Gather your application materials

In addition to your GRE/GMAT scores and TOEFL/IELTS scores, you will also need to gather the following application materials: 

  • Copies of your academic transcripts from all previous institutions. 
  • Letters of recommendation from professors or employers who can speak to your academic and professional abilities. 
  • Write a compelling SOP that outlines your career goals, why you want to pursue a master’s in business Analytics in USA, and why you’ve chosen that specific university.
  • A resume that outlines your academic and professional experience.

4. Submit your applications

Once you have gathered all your application materials, you can submit your applications to the universities of your choice. Be sure to submit your applications by the deadlines set by each university. 

5. Pay Application Fees

Pay the application fees for each university you’re applying to. Fees can vary, so check the university’s website for details. 

6. Interview

After you submit your applications, you may be invited to interview with the admissions committee of the universities you have applied to. Interviews are typically conducted over the phone or in person. 

7. Accept an offer

Once you’ve submitted your applications, patiently await admission decisions. This can take several weeks or months, depending on the university. If you choose to accept an offer, you’ll need to apply for a student visa (F-1 visa for international students).  

8. Prepare to move to the USA

Once you have received your student visa, you can start preparing to move to the USA. This includes finding housing, arranging for transportation, and packing your belongings. 

Remember that each university may have unique requirements and deadlines, so it’s crucial to stay organized and double-check the specific details for the institutions you’re applying to. 

Or, even better to get in touch with overseas education experts like Shuraa Education to get assistance with the application process.

Begin Your Global Education Journey!

Cost of Studying MS in Business Analytics in USA

The cost of studying MS in business Analytics in USA can vary depending on several factors, such as the university you choose, the length of the program, and your residency status. However, the average cost of tuition and fees for an MS in Business Analytics program in the USA is around $40,000 to $60,000 per year. 

In addition to tuition and fees, there are several other costs that you will need to consider, such as: 

  • Living expenses: The cost of living in the USA can vary depending on where you choose to live. However, you can expect to spend around $1,000 to $2,000 per month on living expenses, such as housing, food, and transportation.
  • Health insurance: Health insurance is mandatory for all international students in the USA. You can purchase health insurance through your university or through a private insurance company. 
  • Books and supplies: You can expect to spend around $1,000 to $2,000 per year on books and supplies. 
  • Travel expenses: You will need to budget for travel expenses, such as the cost of flying to and from the USA, and the cost of traveling around the USA to visit different cities and attractions.

The total cost of studying MS in Business Analytics in the USA can be significant, but there are several ways to finance your education. You can apply for scholarships and grants, or you can take out a student loan. You may also be able to work part-time to help cover your expenses. 

Job opportunities after MS in business Analytics in USA

The Master of Science in business Analytics degree is a rapidly growing field that is in high demand by employed in a variety of industries. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of management analysts, which includes business analyst, is projected to grow 11% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations. 

Some of the most popular jobs include: 

jobs after ms in business analytics in usa

  • Business Analyst 
  • Data Analyst 
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer 
  • Quantitative Analyst 
  • Market Research Analyst 
  • Risk Analyst 
  • Financial Analyst
  • Operations Analyst 
  • Business Intelligence Analyst 
  • Management Consultant 
  • Data Engineer

Shuraa Education – Your Gateway to an MS in Business Analytics in the USA

Without hesitation, in this ever-evolving business, data is King, and the pursuit of an MS in Business Analytics in USA can be your crown jewel.  The top colleges we’ve explored offer a world-class education that can shape your future in remarkable ways.  

However, to embark on this educational journey you’ll need assistance throughout the process, making your study abroad dream a reality. That’s where study abroad experts from Shuraa Education come in. 

With the vast network of partnerships and tailored support, Shuraa Education can help you find the perfect university and assist with the application process to ensure a hassle-free journey. From evaluating your profile to ensuring comfortable accommodation in your dream city, we stand by your side every step of the way.  

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Your future in the world of business analytics awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the top colleges in the USA for pursuing a MS in Business Analytics?

Some of the top colleges for pursuing a MS in Business Analytics in the USA include Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, and Columbia University. 

What is the duration of a MS in Business Analytics program?

Most Master’s in Business Analytics programs in the USA are two-year programs. However, some institutions offer accelerated programs that can be completed in one year, while others may have part-time or online options that allow students to complete the program at their own pace. 

Do I need to have prior work experience to apply for an MS in Business Analytics?

While some colleges may prefer applicants with work experience, it is not always a strict requirement. Many programs accept students directly from undergraduate programs if they meet the other eligibility criteria.

Are there any scholarships or financial aid options available for international students?

Yes, many colleges offer scholarships and financial aid options for both domestic and international students. It is recommended to visit the websites of individual colleges to explore the specific scholarships and financial aid opportunities available.

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