Top 10 Benefits of Studying in the UK

Study Abroad Expert May 11, 2023

Numerous Indian students aim to study in UK each year. For the past few years, it has been one of the most sought-after locations for Indian students seeking international exposure. However, to choose the best institution and location, Indian candidates must assess various advantages. After all, it is a critical and potentially life-changing decision.

So, if you want to study in UK, read on. This blog explains the various benefits along with the application process of studying in the UK

Benefits of Studying in the UK

The academic reputation, employer standing, and global research significance of UK courses are well known. Thus, it can be beneficial to study in UK for Indian students. Luckily that’s not all. The following are the top ten advantages for studying in the uk:

1. Top Universities in UK

Prestigious names like Imperial College London, University College London, University of Cambridge, and the University of Oxford are among the world’s top ten best universities. Moreover, there are more than 100 colleges to choose from, and they are renowned for their R&D capabilities, medical programs, and arts and humanities programs. 

2. Quality Education

The UK stands out from other higher education institutions worldwide due to its strong emphasis on research, which is made possible by its top-notch resources for turning ideas into practical applications.

Students get the opportunity to compete in events and take part in business simulations to experience actual organisational challenges. The educational system focuses on merging various disciplines into one course and also allows for close student-teacher interaction.

3. Shorter Duration of Courses in UK

In comparison to the US or Australia, the UK’s courses are shorter in length. Indian students can choose shorter-term programmes that are equal to undergraduate degrees. They can also choose to take graduate courses that last a year. Also, shorter-duration courses can save money because your living and tuition costs will decrease.  

4. Easy Visa Application Process

The UK government has a straightforward visa application process. Moreover, the immigration and permanent policies of the country are less complex compared to other nations such as the USA. In fact, the UK student visa success rate is 96%. So, if you are an Indian student wanting to study in UK, you may get your UK student visa in a few weeks, provided that you’ve submitted a proper set of documents.

5. The UK Culture and Incredible Diversity

You get the opportunity to experience a multinational atmosphere, meet other international students, and develop a variety of skills that are important in today’s job market thanks to the unmatched cultural richness of life in the UK. It is especially true if you opt to study in London, where 35% of people were born outside of the United Kingdom.

Moreover, 9.6 million foreign-born individuals and 6.0 million individuals of non-British nationality were residing in the UK as of 2021. The country’s widespread use of English makes it easier for you to acquire extraordinary language abilities, which improves your work prospects.

6. Free Healthcare

Students from India can receive free medical care through the UK NHS (National Health Service) by paying the international health surcharge when applying for a visa. You won’t be charged for your spouse, partner, and/or dependent children. Secondly, many UK institutions provide their students with student health plans.

7. Scholarships and Financial Support

Indian students can fund their studies and living expenses by applying for merit-based scholarships, grants, and bursaries from most UK universities. You must first be accepted to the programme of study at a UK university if you wish to apply.

For Indian students, the British government also provides a variety of scholarships, either individually or collectively. The British Council Women in STEM Scholarships, the Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships, GREAT Scholarships, Chevening Scholarships, and others are on the list.

8. Welcoming Environment 

Students from India are well-supported in the UK. Every institution has a department to assist overseas students and provide information on fees, housing, academic help, etc. In addition, international student groups not only organise events, parties, activities, and outings but also offer counselling on personal issues and help you blend in during difficult times.

9. Ample Job Opportunities

The employability of UK graduates is among the highest in the world. Furthermore, the UK makes it simpler for Indian people to move there and start their careers. Also, there are numerous job options. The UK government actively recruits professionals from overseas for these roles since there is a scarcity of nurses, pharmacists, teachers, engineers, and other professionals in the country.

10. Work While Studying

The Graduate Route policy permits international students who graduate from UK universities to remain in the country for two years after receiving their degrees to work or hunt for employment. Furthermore, you can do a part-time job, complete an internship, or get a placement while attending university to gain valuable skills that you can add to your resume. Your university might help with job placement following graduation.  

How Can Indian Students Study in the UK?

The main prerequisite for Indian students wanting to study in UK is a current UK study visa. The necessary documentation and procedures are listed below in general:


Some of the documentation that you must provide to the appropriate authorities are given below:

  • Current passport or other valid travel documentation
  • Proof of funds to cover your living expenses for the duration of your course
  • Passport-sized colour photographs
  • Class 10th marksheets
  • Class 10th passing certificate
  • Class 12th marksheets
  • Class 12th passing certificate
  • English Language Proficiency Test Score
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of recommendation


You might need to submit more documents depending on your chosen university and program. You can get the complete list of documents from our specialists.

UK Visa Process

The following processes are meant to make getting a UK visa as simple as possible.

  1. Choose the university that you want to attend.
  2. Submit an application for either a general student visa or a short-term study visa.
  3. You must also pass a secure English language test to demonstrate that your spoken and written English satisfies British visa standards.
  4. You can submit an application at the British Embassy in India or the UK Government website. You can get assistance from our advisors.
  5. Pay the fees and submit the bank statement.


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