MS in Data Analytics in USA: Top Universities, Fee & More

MS in data analytics in USA
Study Abroad Expert September 19, 2023

In a world increasingly driven by data, the pursuit of MS in data analytics in USA has become more than just an academic endeavor—it’s a passport to a thriving career in a burgeoning field. So, Among the students who want to study abroad, the United States stands tall as a dream destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in the world of data analytics. Why, you ask? Well, the numbers speak for themselves.

However, the USA is at the epicentre of a data revolution, with an insatiable appetite for skilled data professionals and some of the best university for data science in USA. Although, The data analytics market is projected to soar to a staggering $346.24 billion by the end of 2030, growing at a remarkable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30.7% worldwide. Furthermore, the demand for data professionals is set to skyrocket, with a projected 31.4% increase in employment opportunities in the data analytics sector by 2030.

So, if you’re considering embarking on this exhilarating journey of studying abroad by pursuing an MS in Data Analytics in USA, you’ve come to the right place.  However, this comprehensive blog will guide you through every facet of your decision-making process regarding your Master in Data Analytics in USA. So, From uncovering the top universities to study abroad which are renowned for their data analytics programs to unraveling the intricacies of tuition fees, admission procedures, and the exciting career prospects that await you – we’ve got you covered.

But that’s not all. So, We understand that pursuing higher overseas education can be daunting, filled with uncertainties and questions. That’s where Shuraa comes into play. However, as your trusted companion on this studying abroad educational voyage, Shuraa provides invaluable support and guidance, ensuring that your dream of studying abroad MS in data analytics in USA becomes a seamless reality. 

Why Pursue a Master’s Degree in Data Analytics in the USA?

So, Let’s first discuss why you should get a master’s degree in data analytics in the USA before understanding the MS Data Analytics Courses in the country: 

Top Ranked University:

Moreover, the distribution of US rankings universities across the nation is based on a number of variables that control every small detail of the programme. So, the Top 100 QS World University Rankings for 2022 include prestigious universities, including the University of Chicago, Cornell University, and Carnegie Mellon University. 

Job Opportunities:

The variety of job profiles in the data analytics industry significantly exceeds the supply on the labour market. So, the US Bureau of Labour Statistics projects that by 2026, there will be a 28% growth in the number of jobs in data analytics. Additionally, it is predicted that there will be around 61,000 employment openings for data experts. As a result, earning a master’s degree in data analytics is a rewarding employment choice for students. 

Better Pay:

Although, did you know a graduate with a master’s in data analytics is generally competent? So, A data specialist with a master’s degree can make a median salary of 92,500 USD, according to a study on data analytics salaries by Burtch Works.

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Course Curriculum For Masters in Data Analytics in USA

Students who pursue a master’s degree in data analytics are more equipped to examine, analyze, organize, and manage the volume of data. So, In the USA, there are various different master’s degree options for courses in data analytics, including an MSc, MEng, or MS in Data Analytics. Moreover, let’s examine the several facets of data analytics and their course offerings: 


However, Depending on your course choice and the university, a typical master’s in data analytics in the USA can be finished in one to two years: 


So, the conceptual underpinning of information, data, competencies, statistical analysis, programming languages, etc., is the precise subject matter of the course you must take in your Data Analytics master’s program. However, this may change based on the university you were accepted to and the techniques you choose. 


Moreover, in US colleges, a master’s degree in data analytics is developed as a 30-credit curriculum offering a thorough understanding of computational geometry, data visualization, software language, and data analysis.

You must meet certain MS in data analytics in USA prerequisites, which are covered in the following section, to be admitted to a two-year or one-year programme: 

Requirements for Eligibility and Admission to Master’s Programs in Data Analytics in the USA

So, You must fulfil several conditions to study abroad for an MS in data analytics in the USA. However, these specifications vary from university to university. Moreover, Several procedures are universally accepted, though. Therefore, each of the MS in data analytics in USA requirements has been discussed below: 

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree from an approved university in either science or any STEM field. A minimum GPA of 3.5 or above is required because it will improve your application. 

English Language Proficiency

To be admitted to US institutions from a non-English speaking nation, you must take and successfully pass some ELP tests. So, The required minimum TOEFL and IELTS test scores are as follows: 

  • TOEFL : 80 – 100 
  • IELTS : 6.0 – 7.5


GMAT or GRE Scores

The GMAT or GRE tests are additional prerequisites for master’s programmes in data analytics. Depending on the kind of programme you take and the university, your GMAT scores will change. So, The ideal GMAT score ranges from 580 to 700. However, While the GRE score needs to be 290 or higher. However, several universities have currently relaxed the application criteria. 

Work Experience

When submitting an application for a master’s degree, you must have a minimum of two years of work experience. Although it is desired, not all data analytics universities have a prerequisite that is essential. 

Passport and Visa

International students who wish to pursue an MS in data analytics in the USA must possess a valid passport as well as a US Student Visa. At least three months before the anticipated date of your arrival in the country, you must apply for a student visa. 

Essential Documentation for Pursuing an MS in Data Analytics in USA

In order to support your application for Master’s in Data Analytics programmes in the USA, you must submit a number of necessary documents. These records are essential to the admissions procedure since they enable institutions to assess your qualifications and programme fit. The necessary documents are listed below: 

1. Transcripts from Previous Institutions:

So, Transcripts from any college or university you’ve ever attended must be submitted. Moreover, your academic performance should be fully documented in these transcripts, including your courses, grades, and any degrees or certificates you may have obtained. 

2. Bachelor’s Degree:

However, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent is required to be eligible for a master’s programme in data analytics. So, your bachelor’s degree should have been earned from a reputable university and be pertinent to data analytics. 

3. Statement of Purpose (SOP):

Therefore, In a Statement of Purpose, you describe your academic and professional history, why you want to pursue a Master’s in Data Analytics, and your aspirations for the future. So, It’s a critical document that aids admissions committees in comprehending your goals and why you’re a good fit for the programme. 

4. Letter of Recommendation (LOR):

So, most programmes demand two or three letters of recommendation at the very least. However, people who can attest to your academic prowess, work ethic, and likelihood of success in a data analytics program should write these letters for you. So, LOR writers frequently select bosses, employers, or professors. 

5. Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV):

However, your school history, professional experience, internships, research projects, and any pertinent qualifications or skills should all be listed in your resume or CV. So, It gives the admissions committee a summary of your academic and professional background. 

6. Scorecards of Entrance Tests and English Language Proficiency (ELP):

Therefore, you could be required to take standardised exams like the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) or GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), depending on the programme and university. Additionally, if English is not your first language, you’ll probably need to prove your English competence by taking exams like the TOEFL or IELTS. 

7. Short Answer Essays:

So, Some colleges may require short response essays as an application component. However, you are required to react to questions or prompts in these essays that are relevant to your interests in data analytics, past experiences, or aspirations for the future. 

Because exact documentation requirements can change, it’s crucial to thoroughly study the application criteria of each university and programme you’re considering. To improve your chances of being accepted into a Master’s in Data Analytics programme in the USA, you must submit a thorough and well-organized application package. 

Admission Procedures for Pursuing an MS in Data Analytics in USA

You must fulfil certain processes in order to submit your application to the top master’s data analytics programmes in the USA. A step-by-step strategy for applying to MS in data analytics programmes at US colleges is provided below: 

  • The first step is to make a shortlist of the best American colleges offering master’s-level data analytics programmes.
  • Visit the official website of the university you are interested in to learn more about the admissions standards. 
  • Complete the online application and submit the necessary application costs. 
  • Before the deadline, submit the required documentation. 
  • If you receive an invitation to the admissions interview, accept it. 
  • Once you receive the offer letter, accept it by making the required deposit payment, and then submit an application for a student visa at the nearest US embassy. 


The university you select to study MS data analytics at comes next, after the admission requirements. Now let’s look at the top American universities for a master’s degree in data analytics: 

Leading Universities in the USA for Master’s in Data Analytics

There are numerous universities that provide various master in data analytics in USA. Because of their excellent academic programmes and other advantages, the majority of these universities have been popular with overseas students. Here are the best universities for data analytics in USA to aid you in narrowing down your choices: 

  • University of Chicago 
  • George Washington University 
  • Tuft University 
  • Georgia State University 
  • Louisiana State University 


Let’s discuss best universities for masters in data analytics in USA:

University of Chicago

Future data science executives can master advanced programming and data engineering architecture skills through the University of Chicago’s Masters of Analytics programme, preparing them to successfully navigate platforms for automated machine learning, big data, and cloud computing. This aids in identifying the significant engineering difficulties associated with real-time artificial intelligence and parallel processing. A variety of computer science, statistics, and matrix mathematics concepts are also covered. 

QS World University Rankings 2023 10
Type of University Public
Annual Average Fees 4,965 USD per course
Program Offered MS in Analytics

George Washington University

You can study how to use data science and analytics approaches in the decision-making process of various enterprises by enrolling in GWU’s master of data analytics programme. The course is led by esteemed professors hailing from both the business school and the school of engineering & applied science. It focuses on the foundation of analytics from technical engineering viewpoints and covers computer science, business analytics, and system engineering subjects. 

QS World University Rankings 2023 362
Type of University Private
Annual Average Fees 32,250 USD
Program Offered MS in Data Analytics

Tuft University

The interdisciplinary master’s programme in data analytics at Tuft equips students with the knowledge and abilities needed to meet the growing demand for professionals who can gather, analyse, and direct data-driven strategies. The program provides you with the abilities essential for tackling intricate data-driven issues through appropriate statistical methodologies. It teaches you how to choose the best statistical and predictive techniques for both sparse and massive data sets. 

QS World University Rankings 2023 312
Type of University Private
Annual Average Fees 54,196 USD
Program Offered MS in Data Analytics

Georgia State University

The Georgia State University Data Analytics programme offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that incorporates concepts from business management, statistics, and computer science. This will instruct you on how to gather, store, and process data using statistical and computational approaches. Making some data-driven decisions could involve discovering patterns in massive data sets, forecasting and interpreting the results, and so on. 

QS World University Rankings 2023  801 – 1,000 
Type of University  Public 
Annual Average Fees  45,000 USD 
Program Offered  MS in Data Science and Analytics 

Louisiana State University

The Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Sciences at LSU offers an intriguing MS in data science and business analytics in USA. It equips the students to make decisions and contribute to organizational efficiency using day-driven methodologies. In order to address issues in the domains of computer science, statistics, operations research, etc., it places a strong emphasis on using business analytics, business intelligence, and information technology.

QS World University Rankings 2023 801 – 1,000
Type of University Public
Annual Average Fees 39,816 USD
Program Offered MS in Analytics

After discussing some of the top universities for data analytics in the USA, let’s look at the list of institutions offering the MS in data analytics in USA without GRE scores: 

List of Data Analytics Universities Without GRE

You need not worry too much about your acceptance if you are applying for an MS in data analytics in USA without taking the GRE. As there are many Master in data analytics in USA universities that do not mandate GRE scores as part of the application process. Among them are:  

  • New York University 
  • Indiana University, Bloomington 
  • Stevens Institute of Technology 
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Brown University 
  • Yale University, New Heaven 
  • Northwestern University 
  • The University of Dayton


Expenses Associated with Pursuing a Master’s in Data Analytics in the USA

Your university tuition charges and living expenses may affect the entire MS in data analytics in USA cost. Let’s examine their prices below: 

Tuition Fees

Depending on the university you select, studying for a Masters in Data Analytics in the USA will cost you differently. Your course’s format may also play a role. However, the average annual tuition for international students pursuing a master’s degree in artificial intelligence in the United States is between 17,000 and 62,000 USD. 

Cost of Living

In the USA, a yearly cost of living ranges from 12,000 to 21,000 USD. The majority of these costs may change depending on your lodging and facilities, including housing, meals, office supplies, transportation, and educational materials, among others. 

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After discussing the expense of education, let’s look at the scholarships available for an MS in data analytics in USA: 

Scholarships Available for Master’s in Data Analytics in the USA

You don’t have to worry about finding the best MS in data analytics programmes in US institutions anymore. Given that most American colleges offer financial support in the form of grants, scholarships, fellowships, and other aids to international students, pursuing a master’s degree in a developing country becomes feasible.

The following list includes some of the scholarships provided by colleges which offers data analytics program: 

Scholarship Name Eligibility Benefits
City Year, Tufts University International students who are enrolled in a full-time GSAS program. 25% of yearly tuition fees
Andrew C. and Eula C. Carlos Endowed Scholarship Students must maintain a GPA of 3.25. Varies
Graduate Fellowships, Washington State University Students with good academic records. Varies
International Academic Award, Washington State University International students with a GPA of 3.30 or higher 2,000 USD to 4,000 USD

Career Prospects Following Completion of a Master’s in Data Analytics in the USA 

In the United States, data analytics offers a wide range of professional options. There is a great need for qualified data experts in several fields. Many different industries, including information technology, business, finance & services, management, etc., are hiring talented employees.

After earning a master’s degree in data analytics in the USA, the typical compensation ranges from 44,430 USD to 88,215 USD annually. Following are a few typical job profiles for someone with a master’s degree in data analytics in the USA: 

Job Profile Average Salary
Data Administrator 80,967 USD
Data Analysts 69,517 USD
Data Engineer 93,523 USD
Data Scientist 98,230 USD
Business Intelligence Analyst 75,887 USD
Machine Learning Engineer 112,837 USD

Obtaining your MS in data analytics and graduating in the USA will provide you the edge you need to find employment chances with several companies throughout the world. The top-notch overseas education system in the USA is well-known and gives you a chance to get accepted. It also collaborates with some of the brightest brains in the world. It is important to have a strong academic foundation, hence it is wise to pursue a Master’s or MSc in data analytics in the USA.

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Your Path to Data Analytics Excellence in the USA

In this journey of exploring an MS in Data Analytics in the USA, we’ve uncovered a pathway that merges computer science, statistics, and social science theory. It’s a pathway leading to abundant opportunities in the thriving data science industry, offering lucrative careers upon graduation.

The universities and graduate schools we’ve highlighted stand as beacons of quality overseas education in Data Analytics and Data Science, each offering unique programs to suit your needs. To find your perfect fit, delve into their program details.

And if you’re looking for guidance in this journey, Shuraa Education is here for you. Our expert advisors are ready to assist, ensuring your dream of pursuing an MS in Data Analytics becomes a reality.

Take the next step toward a rewarding educational and professional future – book your free consultation call with Shuraa Education today. Your future in data analytics is waiting for you to seize it with confidence. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which nation is best for master’s degrees in data analytics?

The United States, Australia, Canada, and Germany are some of the top nations to study for a master’s degree in data analytics. Columbia University, University of Chicago, New York University, and University of Washington are a few of the greatest universities in the USA to attend. Some of the top universities for data analytics are RMIT University and UTS in Australia, UBC, Saint Mary’s University, and Trent University in Canada. 

What qualifications are required for an American Masters in data analytics?

For admission to data analytics programmes offered at US colleges, students must have a relevant bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 83–86% in core disciplines like computer programming, language fluency (IELTS-6.5–7.5 or TOEFL–80–100), and GRE/GMAT scores. 

Can I easily find employment in the USA once I have an MS in data analytics?

Yes, the need for data analytics specialists is at an all-time high as the demand for professionals grows daily and the amount of data used in company grows. As a result, after earning an MS in data analytics in the USA, finding employment is simple. 

Data analytics: A STEM Subject in the United States?

Yes. As it includes all the necessary skills, including data science, analytical abilities, and business management, data analytics is a STEM programme. 

In the USA, who can apply for a master’s degree in data analytics?

You must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with a GPA of 3.0 and a minimum IELTS test score of 6.0 to 7.0 in order to apply for Masters in Data Analytics programmes in the USA. 

Can I work in data analytics without having experience in the USA?

If you are a competent expert and dedicated to your work in this industry, you can discover many forms of data analytics employment even without any prior experience. 

Does data analytics call for programming?

Data analysts are not necessary to have highly developed coding skills. Instead, they must be proficient in the use of data management tools, data analytics tools, and data visualisation tools. A data analyst also has to have strong quantitative abilities, just like the majority of data-related occupations.

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