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This timeline shows the evolution of our agency growth. A little about our story.


Shuraa's Indian branch hosted a successful event in partnership with IFZA, bringing together hundreds of business owners.


Elevated our vision to new heights thanks to the remarkable establishment of Shuraa Realty and Shuraa Mumbai. This has taken us one step closer towards achieving our goals.


Successfully established a new vertical, Shuraa Education, expanding its portfolio of services.


Shuraa's grand entry into the international market was marked by the launch of their London branch, a momentous occasion that heralded a new era of growth for the company.


Shuraa embarked on an exquisite journey of expansion, venturing into the advertising industry and inaugurating its new branch in the magnificent city of Delhi.


Shuraa Tax was established and recognized as Dubai's top brand and business setup consultant.


Two business centres were established at the prestigious Business Bay, highlighting their focus on providing premium services to their clients.


Shuraa took a pioneering step by initiating the Investor's Right Protection Contract, further establishing its credibility in the market.


Business centres were opened at Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Karama, catering to the increasing demand for quality business setup services.


Shuraa registered and sponsored thousands of companies, setting a benchmark for others in the industry.


Mr Saeed Khalifa Alfuqaei founded Shuraa. Setting the stage for a successful journey as pioneers in the field of business setup services.

Shuraa has proudly maintained its leadership position for over 22 years.

Founded in 2001, Shuraa Business Setup arose with the noble mission of providing valuable assistance to visionary entrepreneurs aspiring to start their businesses in Dubai and other regions of the UAE.

Global Footprint
Global Footprint

With 10+ offices in global cities such as Dubai, London, Delhi, Mumbai, and Srinagar, we're growing!

Industry Impact
Industry Impact

Since 2001, Shuraa has been a distinguished leader in multiple industries.

Global Workforce
Worldwide Workforce

An accomplished team of 200+ personnel committed to serving clients with the utmost care.

Clientele Served
Clientele Served

Shuraa's majestic track record boasts of helping 44,000+ clients across four distinct verticals to date.

Shuraa Business Setup
Shuraa Tax
Shuraa Education
Shuraa Business Centers
Shuraa Advertising
Shuraa Legal
Shuraa Realty
Shuraa Skaf
Carpe Diem
Saeed Khalifa
Saeed Khalifa

Mr. Saeed Khalifa Mohammed Al Fuqaei

Chairman & Founder, Shuraa Group

Mr. Saeed Khalifa Mohammed Al Fuqaei is a UAE national who has established a reputation as a prominent businessperson in the region. Mr. Khalifa is a dynamic and driven individual who has developed opportunities through Shuraa not only for himself but also for many ambitious talents around the world who are looking to invest in the UAE.

Under his stewardship, the Shuraa Group has spread its wings across metropolises like London, Delhi, and Mumbai. From sectors like corporate consultancies, advertising, real estate, and luxury hotels, Shuraa is now venturing into the field of international education.

Mr. Khalifa has always been enthusiastic about educational progress. Through Shuraa Education, he aims to promote academic excellence and prepare students to study abroad. His vision is to upgrade the skills of aspirants by guiding them to find the best course they require for their career and register to study abroad at accredited universities, colleges, and schools around the world.

Apart from the enormous success of the Shuraa Group, Mr. Saeed Khalifa is the owner & chair of several other successful businesses & properties in Dubai and across the UAE.

Sahid Rather
Sahid Rather

Mr. Shahid Rather

Managing Partner, Shuraa Group

Mr. Shahid Rather is the driving force behind the entire Shuraa team. He aims to make Shuraa the face of entrepreneurial journeys for fresh talent looking to invest in the UAE. Mr. Shahid is enthusiastic about creating a synergy between India and UK by promoting academics across the globe.

Mr. Shahid wants Shuraa Education to offer students a seamless experience while applying for universities abroad and providing an unparalleled depth to their experience. Along with building the Shuraa brand, he is consistently recognized for bringing in a unique blend of strategic insight and operational execution to the organization.

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