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Study Abroad Expert July 19, 2023

Cost of studying in canada for indian students

Canada beckons as an affordable destination for studying abroad. According to QS News, 26 of its universities rank among the world’s best. Tuition fees play a significant role, ranging from 7.63 to 20.55 lakhs per year for international students. The approximate cost of study in Canada for Indian students would range INR 3,50,000 to 19,00,000 a year.

However, The estimated monthly living cost is 66,785.17 INR, excluding tuition fees. Prepare for an exciting academic adventure in the land of maple syrup! This blog will tell you about different courses, universities name and the appropriate cost of study in Canada; Shuraa education will surely help you with the detailed knowledge to study abroad, let’s dig into it now.

How much money is required to study in Canada 

Before delving into the total cost of study in Canada, let’s take a bird’s-eye view of the cost breakdown for Indian students. The table below outlines the various segments of costs you’ll encounter as an international student during two crucial phases: the application process and the actual study period in Canada.

Type of Expense Cost
IELTS/TOEFL (one-time) 15,500 INR (254 CAD)/ $180-$325 (241 CAD- 436 CAD)
Purchase of GIC (one-time) 6,10,600 INR/10,000 CAD
Tuition fee (per annum) 18,227 CAD/11,13,000 INR-48,360 CAD/29,53,000 INR
Application Fee (one-time) 10,000 INR
Application for student visa (one-time) 9,200 INR/150 CAD
Visa Procedure (one-time) 4,500 INR
Flight tickets (to Canada) 1,00,000 INR-2,00,000 INR
Living expenses (per year) 5,00,000 INR 
Total   32,69,800 INR (approx.)

Note: The figures provided in the table are the closest estimates based on the current situation. Tuition fees, application fees, and living expenses may vary depending on the course, college, and lifestyle preferences you opt for.

Below are the key factors that determine total cost of study in Canada for Indian students: 

  • Living expenses while studying in Canada 
  • Other essential costs of studying in Canada
  • Pre-arrival & post-arrival costs

Cost Of Study in Canada for Indian Students 

The table below displays the average fees for international students pursuing undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) programs in Canada. These figures represent the first-year fees for international students. Upon admission, a portion of the fees is required upfront, while the remaining balance must be settled during your study in Canada.

Budget-Friendly Canadian Universities for Undergraduate (UG) Courses 

In Canada, the average expenses for undergraduate degree programs at Canadian universities in different fields of study vary between INR 6,46,000 and INR 16,15,00. Below is a compilation of some of the most budget-friendly universities in Canada along with their annual fees: 

S. No.   University   Annual Tuition Fees (In INR) 
1. Brandon University 3.9 Lakhs/Yr
2. Université de Saint-Boniface 4.0 Lakhs/Yr
3. Memorial University of Newfoundland 6.7 Lakhs/Yr
4. Canadian Mennonite University 7 Lakhs/Yr
5. Dalhousie University 8.8 Lakhs/Yr
6. Simon Fraser University 9.0 Lakhs/Per Term
7. Concordia University 10 – 14.5 Lakhs/Yr
8. University of Saskatchewan 11.8- 15.9 Lakhs/Yr
9. University of Regina 11.9 Lakhs/Yr
10. Royal Roads University 13 Lakhs/Yr


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Affordable Canadian Universities for Postgraduate (PG) Programs 

The average tuition fees per year for international students pursuing a PG degree in Canada amount to INR 9,54,000. Here is a list of some of the most budget-friendly Canadian universities offering master’s degree programs. 


S. No.  University Annual Tuition Fees (in INR)
1. Memorial University of Newfoundland 4.5 – 9.0 Lakhs/Yr
2. University of Northern British Columbia 3.8 Lakhs/Yr
3. Simon Fraser University 1.1 Lakhs/Per Term
4. Cape Breton University 5.0 Lakhs/Yr
5. Nipissing University 7.6 – 13.7 Lakhs/Yr
6. The University of British Columbia 14.7 Lakhs/Yr
7. University of Saskatchewan 14.4 Lakhs/Yr
8. McMaster University 12.3 Lakhs/Yr
9. University of Victoria 4.7 Lakhs/Yr
10. University of Calgary 11.8 Lakhs/Yr


Let’s now explore the tuition fees for international students at Canadian universities across various courses: 

Program  Field of study  Average tuition fee (per annum) 
Undergraduate B.Tech 35,472 CAD/21,66,000 INR
Undergraduate BBA 26,730 CAD/16,32,000 INR
Undergraduate MBBS 48,360 CAD/29,53,000 INR
Undergraduate BSc 31,190 CAD/19,04,000 INR
Postgraduate MS 18,227 CAD/11,13,000 INR
Postgraduate M.Eng 24,760 CAD/15,12,000 INR
Postgraduate MBA 45,084 CAD/27,53,000 INR


Top Universities in Canada 

Canada boasts 10 universities among the world’s top 250. Below, we’ll delve into the leading Canadian universities and their respective annual fees: 

University Annual Tuition Fee (in INR)

University of Toronto

22.24 lakhs

University of British Columbia (UBC)

5.04 lakhs

McGill University

10.62 lakhs

McMaster University

10.03 lakhs

Universite de Montreal

14.41 lakhs

University of Alberta

5.55 lakhs

University of Ottawa

15.09 lakhs

University of Waterloo

8.26 lakhs

Western University

68.99 lakhs

University of Calgary

8.53 lakhs

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Cost of studying in Canada- Living Expenses

The total cost of studying in Canada for Indian students comprises Canadian university fees for international students and living expenses. The Canadian fees for international students are determined by the chosen university and course. Once you receive an unconditional offer letter from the university, you will need to pay the tuition fees for your course in Canada.

Some universities may require you to make payments per term, while others might ask for the first-year fees upfront. The cost of living in Canada varies depending on the city of residence and the lifestyle you adopt. In the table below, we’ve outlined the contributing factors to the total study expenses in Canada, expressed in rupees, along with their average costs. 

 Short Term Accommodation 

Accommodation Average Cost (in INR)
Hotels/night 5,660 INR- 7,000 INR
Bed and Breakfast stay/night 2,900 INR- 8,850 INR
Hostel/night 2,000 INR- 5,300 INR 

 Long Term Accommodation 

Accommodation Average Cost (in INR)
Homestay/month 35,000 INR- 65,500 INR
On-Campus/year 1,76,900 INR- 4,42,200 INR
Rented Apartment/month 35,000 INR- 1,17,000 INR 


Category Average Cost (in INR)
Public Transport Monthly Pass 3,800- 9,130
Taxi for 1km 190- 350
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 145- 235


Category Average Cost (in INR)
Inexpensive Restaurant 1,061 INR- 1,769 INR 
Mid-range Restaurant 2,949 INR- 7,372 INR 
Utilities 5,308 INR- 18,206 INR


Category  Average Cost (in INR) 
Minimum  3,538 
Maximum 7,077

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Additional  Costs of Pursuing Education in Canada

In addition to tuition fees and living expenses, international students in Canada will encounter a few other indispensable costs. Below, we have provided a comprehensive list for your reference. 

Visa Fees 

The cost of applying for a study permit in Canada is 150 CAD/9,170 INR, while the fee for providing biometrics (fingerprints and photographs) amounts to 85 CAD/5,200 INR.

Application Fees 

Every institution imposes an application fee, which varies depending on the program you are applying for. For international students, this fee typically falls within the range of 45 CAD/2,750 INR to 200 CAD/12,220 INR. Additionally, during the application process, you will be required to submit your language proficiency test scorecard, along with academic or work experience transcripts to each university.

Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ)

In order to pursue studies at universities in Québec, international students must acquire authorization to study from both the Quebec and Canadian governments. This can be obtained by applying for a Certificate of Acceptance, which is contingent upon the duration of the course. The application process entails a fee of 114 CAD/6,970 INR, as well as charges for sending the required documents to Quebec (approximately 2,000 INR).

Overseas Student Health Coverage 

Health insurance is a mandatory requirement for international students studying in Canada, and this cost is factored into the overall expenses for Indian students pursuing education there. Certain Canadian provinces offer free health insurance coverage to international students residing within their boundaries.  So, to check if your Canadian university provides this benefit, you can refer to the official website of Canadian immigration. If your university offers free health insurance, you will need to apply for it upon your arrival in Canada.

In cases where the Canadian province you will be residing in does not offer free health insurance, it becomes imperative to purchase health insurance coverage. This insurance must cover all health-related issues for the entire duration of your stay in Canada. Prior to applying for your Canadian student visa, you must obtain health insurance coverage, and the insurance certificate must be presented to your university before commencing your studies.

On average, health insurance premiums range from 600 CAD/36,700 INR to 900 CAD/54,950 INR per year. This expense should be included in your overall average cost of study in Canada.

Financial Verification for Study Permit 

In addition to paying the university fees, international students applying for a study permit in Canada must provide proof of sufficient funds to support themselves. This financial verification is a crucial part of the study permit application process. The minimum amount of funds required to sustain oneself as a student is outlined in the table below. It’s essential to note that these funds are separate from the tuition fees. The table also indicates the tuition and other fees necessary to obtain a Canadian student visa. Please be aware that these figures include additional charges if you plan to bring family members with you to Canada.

Region Funds required for one-year Funds required for one month
Outside Quebec 6,10,990 INR/ 10,000 CAD  50,900 INR /833 CAD 
Inside Quebec  Less than 18 years of age: 4,01,400 INR/6,569 CAD 

18+ age: 8,02,476 INR/ 13,134 CAD

Less than 18 years of age: 33,421 INR/547 CAD 

18+ age: 66,900 INR/ 1,095 CAD


To meet the required funds, there are several options available. You can consider purchasing a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC), securing an education loan, or having a sponsor who can provide financial support during your studies.

Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) Purchase 

As part of the financial proof required to obtain a student permit, students must acquire a designated Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from participating banks, such as Nova Scotia Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI Canada Bank, and CIBC Bank. The GIC is valued at 10,200 CAD/550,000 INR, covering the first year’s living expenses. An administrative charge of approximately 200 CAD/10,800 INR will be deducted by the bank. 

Upon arriving in Canada, the student will receive an initial payment of 2,000 CAD/108,000 INR. Subsequently, 8,000 CAD/440,000 INR will be disbursed to the student in 12 equal installments to cover monthly living expenses.

Scholarships in Canada for International Students 

Below are some of the most renowned scholarships available for studying in Canada: 

Scholarship Name  Award  Eligibility 
Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship  70,000 CAD  Enrollment in postgraduate programs focused on natural & social sciences or health research is a requirement. 
IDRC Research Awards  Travel and research support of up to 15,000 CAD  Candidates hailing from developing countries and currently pursuing master’s or doctoral programs are eligible to apply. 
Vanier Graduate Scholarships 50,000 CAD Applicants must demonstrate merit, research potential, and possess leadership skills. 
Canada-ASEAN SEED 10,000 CAD for the cost of program 5,000 for flight, visa, health insurance 1600 weekly allowance  Mid-career professional from ASEAN countries 
Ontario Trillium Scholarship 40,000 CAD  PhD students in Ontario 
Partnership Grants by Social Science and Humanities Research Council in Canada 20,000 CAD  Engaged in a PhD program at eligible Canadian universities, focusing on specific subjects.


Canada is widely regarded as one of the most sought-after destinations for students pursuing higher education. When compared to countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, the cost of studying in Canada is relatively affordable. 

By delving into the comprehensive information on the cost of studying in Canada provided in this blog, so you can acquire a detailed insight into the various expenses involved. The actual cost for each individual varies based on factors like the chosen course, college, city, type of accommodation, and preferred standard of living.

However, ensuring a solid foundation begins with making the right choices regarding the course and Canadian university. If you require guidance in making these crucial decisions, don’t hesitate to contact Shuraa Education at any time. We are here to assist you. Contact Shura Education to study abroad; call us today at +91 9319998924 or by sending an ethereal missive to


Q1. How much does it cost to study in Canada? 

The cost of studying in Canada encompasses admission expenses to a Canadian university and post-arrival expenditures. The calculated total cost of studying in Canada in Indian rupees starts from 32,69,800 INR.

Q2. What are the opportunities after studying in Canada?  

As an international student, Canada stands among the top choices for education globally. Canadian university degrees are widely recognised worldwide. Throughout your course, you’ll receive high-quality education through diverse learning approaches, enhancing your employability with leading companies worldwide.

Q3. What are the most budget-friendly cities in Canada for Indian students?  

The cost of living for international students in Canada largely depends on the city of residence. Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, and Calgary are among the affordable cities in Canada.

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