How Much Does it Cost to Study MS in USA?

cost of MS in USA
Study Abroad Expert September 11, 2023

Starting on a journey to study abroad for higher education is a transformative experience that opens doors to a world of knowledge, career opportunities, and personal growth. However, for countless aspiring students around the globe, pursuing a Master of Science (MS) degree in the United States stands as a beacon of academic excellence and professional achievement. Nevertheless, as with any significant endeavor, the pursuit of an MS degree in the USA comes with its own set of challenges, with one of the most pressing questions being, “How much is the cost of MS in USA?”

In this blog, we will dive deep into the intricacies of the cost of MS in USA for Indian students, shedding light on the various expenses you may encounter during your study abroad journey, including the cost of MS in USA. So, We will explore tuition fees, living costs, and potential sources of financial aid, all aimed at helping you understand the financial commitment that pursuing an MS in the USA entails, which ultimately contributes to the overall cost of a master’s degree in USA.

Whether you’re a prospective student evaluating your options or a current applicant planning your budget, this comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your overseas education investment and understand how to manage the cost of MS in USA. So, let’s embark on this enlightening exploration together and discover the true MS fees in USA for Indian students, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the financial aspects of your MS journey in the USA. 

Why Study MS Courses in the US?

So, a multitude of reasons compel numerous Indian students to pursue their dreams of higher overseas education in the United States. However, these motivations range from the high quality of education to the country’s diverse and dynamic environment and the promise of abundant work opportunities. Moreover, let’s explore some of the key factors that make the US a preferred destination for pursuing Master of Science (MS) courses: 

High-Quality Education:

Although, the United States is renowned worldwide for its world-class education system. So, American universities consistently rank among the top in global university rankings, offering cutting-edge research opportunities, exceptional faculty, and access to advanced resources and facilities. Pursuing an MS degree in the USA ensures you receive an education that is respected and recognized worldwide. 

Cultural Diversity:

The US is often referred to as a “melting pot” due to its rich tapestry of cultures and ethnicities. So, this cultural diversity creates a unique and enriching environment for international students. Although, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with people from all corners of the globe, broadening your perspectives and enhancing your cultural awareness. 

Abundance of Work Opportunities:

Although, The United States boasts a robust job market with a wide array of employment opportunities, particularly in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. So, Pursuing an MS in the US can open doors to internships, co-op programs, and post-graduation employment, helping you gain valuable work experience while studying or after graduation. 

Campus Life:

However, American universities offer vibrant and happening campus experiences. So, you’ll have access to many extracurricular activities, student clubs, and events that promote personal and professional growth. However, this lively campus environment fosters social connections and helps you build a global network of friends and professionals. 

Financial Aid: 

Although, many American universities offer financial aid options, including scholarships, assistantships, and grants, to help alleviate the cost burden of education. So, these opportunities can significantly reduce your tuition expenses and contribute to a more affordable education. 

Specialized MS Courses:

So, US universities provide a vast array of specialized MS courses across various disciplines. So, whether your interests lie in computer science, engineering, business, healthcare, or any other field, you’ll find a program that aligns with your career goals and passions. Moreover, this diversity allows you to tailor your education to your specific interests and aspirations.

In conclusion, pursuing an MS degree in the United States offers a multitude of advantages, from academic excellence and cultural diversity to abundant work opportunities and a vibrant campus life. So, the US education system is designed to nurture talent, encourage innovation, and prepare students for successful careers on a global scale. However, If you’re seeking a transformative educational experience transcending borders, the US may be the ideal destination for your MS studies.

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Popular MS specializations in the USA

Although, for Indian and other international students looking to study abroad, the United States is one of the top choices. So, the best universities and institutions in the USA provide a wide range of well-liked and lucrative MS specializations in academic fields. However, An MS in computer science is regarded as one of the most lucrative and dynamic specializations out of all the others. However, choosing the appropriate specialization will assist in future success.  

Software Engineering:

So, one of the most established yet developing areas of a master’s degree in computer science is software engineering. Although, the study of codes, programming, and software systems is covered in this subject. However, this sector has an abundance of employment prospects and provides candidates with an MS in software engineering with the best wages and benefits. Although, computer technology, management, and engineering economics are the focus areas.  

Management Information System:

However, in the USA, a lucrative specialization is thought to be management information systems or MIS. So, Data processing, data analysis, data management, decision support systems, and problem resolution are all topics covered in this study area. Although, In the USA, there is a considerable demand for MIS executives. For MS grads, it offers fantastic professional options.  

Cyber Security:

Although, cybersecurity is essential in the age of the internet and online technology. So, candidates who want to enter the networking and ethical hacking sector might choose this specialization, which has grown in popularity. Moreover, the compensation packages are consistently the finest in the sector.  

Cloud Computing:

So, Cloud computing is a very well-liked and cutting-edge niche. Moreover, It entails computer services provided via the internet, such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and other services. However, High-paying and difficult occupations are available in cloud computing. So,  IT companies and tech giants frequently hire executives and managers in the cloud computing industry.  

Data Science and Analytics:

Although, data scientists will always be in demand in the worldwide employment market. Gaining a respectable MS in Data Science from the US will undoubtedly be a success. So, Data Extraction, Data Mining, Data Structuring, and examining various types of data are all included in the Data Science specialization. However, the most crucial tool for industries today is data. So, It is a specialization with bright future job potential.  

Game Design and Development:

So, students must have a solid background in computer science and a game development core that is focused on engineering to be admitted to the MS in Game Development programme. However, The creation and planning of games for entertainment purposes is the aim of this specialization.  


Although, one of the high-paying professional paths is an MS in Pharmacy, and candidates can choose from some majors, including pharmacology, drug administration, health administration, MS in pharmaceutics, biology, and pharmaceutical chemistry. So, this area of specialization for an MS degree is indeed very difficult.  

MS in Power Engineering:

However, the topics of rotating machinery, gearbox and distribution systems, surge events, system protection, and dynamics are covered in the power and energy systems field. So, for electrical and power energy graduates, it is the best choice.  


For entry-level nurses and registered nurses with training and experience, an MS degree in nursing is a postgraduate programme. One of the most preferred options for nursing grads is this one. In the USA, an MS in Nursing is one of the degrees with the most practical value.  

Environmental Engineering:

An environmental engineering speciality combines ideas from environmental sciences, physics, and social science. Stanford University is the top university in the USA for ecological engineering.  

Wireless Communication:

Students who pursue an MS in Wireless Communication gain knowledge and expertise in the fundamental design elements of contemporary wireless communication systems. The University of California and Arizona State University are the schools where this course is most frequently taken.  

Scholarships to study in the US

If you prepare well in advance, studying in the US can be reasonable. You can submit your applications for the various scholarships offered by the best colleges and institutions in the USA before the deadlines. The US government, as well as numerous other commercial and public organizations, also offers a large number of scholarships. Make sure you carefully review the qualifying requirements before applying to any of these scholarships. 

S.No. Name of the scholarship  Description

Fulbright- Nehru Fellowships

  • This scholarship has requirements for international students enrolling to MS programmes and pays tuition fees, accident and sickness insurance in accordance with US norms, flights, and living expenses.

Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program

  • This Fulbright program’s objective is to send an accomplished young or mid-career professional from a developing nation to the US for 10 months of graduate study without a degree and relevant practical experience. 


  • This programme provides financial assistance with tuition, a monthly maintenance allowance, living expenses, flights, and other professional costs like field trips.

#YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship
(Non-Government scholarship)

  • Regardless of their chosen field of study, international students are being welcomed into the US higher education system through a scholarship programme and social media campaign.


  • The participating university and college will provide you with two annual scholarships that are renewable and at least cover 50% of the cost of enrolling in the chosen overseas undergraduate programme.

(Non-Government scholarship)

  • This is a summer programme funded by Abbey Road Inc. that awards scholarships to high school students between the ages of 14 and 18 who excel in both their academics and extracurricular pursuits. 


  • It provides $1,000 student scholarships each year in designated fields (contact Shuraa Education for further details).

AAUW International Fellowships
(Non-Government scholarship)

  • These fellowships are given to female students from other countries who wish to study and conduct research in the US full-time. It aids graduate and postgraduate students who are recognised by US colleges. 


  • Master’s/first professional degree: $5,000-$18,000 
  • Graduate or Postdoctoral: $18,000-$30,000

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Studying Cost of MS in USA

The cost of MS in USA is determined by and comprises of two main factors:  

  • The masters in USA cost or Tuition fees for MS in USA 
  • Expenses to study MS in USA


Therefore, it can be identified that the cost of doing MS in USA is an amalgamation of the living expenses and MS in US Cost. 

Cost Breakdown of Studying MS in USA

Given below is the detailed version of how much does it cost to study MS in USA look like for a studying abroad student, including costs incurred in India and costs incurred in USA: 

Factors/Parameter Amount (in USD) Amount (in INR)
GRE 205 15,200
TOEFL 170 12,600
Applications 1,100 81,400
Counselling (optional) 340 25,000
Other Expenses During Applications 162 12,000
VISA Fee 160 11,840
SEVIS Fee 200 14,800
Airfares (one-way) 675  50,000 
Tuition Fee 40,000  29,60,000 
Living Expenses 15,000 11,10,000
Total 58,000 42,92,000

Note: The above table was created using a number of assumptions, and individual costs may change. So, the costs of studying abroad have only been briefly summarized, with a focus on the cost of an MS in the US. However, the MS in USA cost  in Indian rupees can be calculated by converting the amounts mentioned in the table. 

Cost of MS in USA While in India (Pre-Arrival)

Let’s find out more about the first component of the cost of MS in USA for a studying abroad student, which is the pre-arrival cost: 

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Exam Fee

So, this marks the start of your MS quest in the United States. However, this parameter has always been the most well-liked because, like the poker face, nobody knows if it can increase or decrease chances. Although, you must have a solid study plan for the GRE. The exam will set you back USD 205.

Low scorers and a large group of unsatisfied high scorers may retake the test for an additional 205 USD (or INR 15,200). 

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

You cannot skip the TOEFL exam although you MIGHT skip the GRE test for your applications to American universities (certain universities DO accept applications without the GRE). It functions similarly to an American passport. It is a requirement exam, if not at the time of application, then at least during the VISA interview, as the colleges need to know your language skills. The exam costs 170 USD (about 12,600 INR). 

Applying to US Universities

Each university has a different application fee range, with the lowest being 50 USD (INR 3700), and the most being 100 USD (INR 7400). However, applications are not complete unless your official GRE and TOEFL test results are submitted through ETS, which will cost an additional 47 USD (GRE: 27 USD and TOEFL: 20 USD).

On average, students apply to 10 US universities and the total estimate turns out to be as follows:

Application fee ($60) plus the cost of sending GRE and TOEFL scores ($27 + $20) equals ($107). Let’s suppose 110 USD per university to be on the safe (read: higher) side. Applications to 10 universities will therefore cost a staggering 1100 USD (about 81,400 INR). 

Other Expenses During Applications

Now, this list could be lengthy and significantly differ for each application. However, these are the typical costs in this category: 

  • Counseling: Applicants who feel that a counsellor can put themselves in their place and help them into Stanford or Berkeley spend anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000. The average has been set at $25,000.
  • Bank Statements (15), an affidavit (15) with the sponsor’s name on it (15), Transcripts on college letterhead (15 copies), Transcripts on college letterhead (15 copies), and sending them to the institution (15 copies total). This shouldn’t cost more than $12,000 in total. 


Sometimes, students waste an extra $500 by printing numerous copies of the Statement of Purpose (SoP) and Letter of Recommendation (LoRs). So, other fees, ranging from 20 USD to 160 USD apiece, may apply for late registration, reinstatement of cancelled scores, sectional reviews, and rescheduling. (about INR 7,400). However, we advise creating a solid GRE prep study plan and starting applications early and far before the US institution deadlines to avoid these additional fees. 


Although expenses are just one essential consideration, it’s crucial to understand the full F-1 Visa Procedure.

You must pay the VISA Fee, which is 160 USD (INR 11,840), followed by the SEVIS Fee, which is 200 USD (INR 14,800), once you have your I20 (an official document given by the institution stating your stay in the United States and the amount to be spent for the year).

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Flight Tickets

So, depending on your city, destination, and airline, one-way economy class flights can range from $500 to $700 or from 40,000 to 60,000 rupees. However, return flights are more cost-effective if you won’t miss your family too much and range in price from $750 to $1050, or 60,000 to 90,000. 

Cost for MS in USA While in USA(Post-Arrival)

However, students who intend to attend institutions in states or cities like California, New York City, Chicago, New Jersey, Washington, Florida, or Boston should be aware that the average cost of MS in USA may increase due to the location’s popularity. 

Additionally, the costs will undoubtedly be higher if you decide to live alone or with a single roommate in a decent, furnished flat. So before you travel there, look for a nice flatmate. 

So, Having said that, sharing an apartment with a few other students in a strange city is secure and adds to the fun and intrigue of a master’s programme abroad. 

Although, after arriving in the United States, the two main costs are the MS tuition in the USA for Indian students and living expenditures, or the price of pursuing an MS there. 

Tuition Fee

However, this is a very erratic cost that varies from university to university as well as depending on your course. Additionally, it will be your most considerable outlay of money. Although, For a complete list of universities with tuition costs and additional information, please visit the University Reviews list. So, the average tuition cost for a two-year MS programme is about USD 40,000 or INR 29,60,000. Of course, you might be able to acquire scholarships or other forms of financial aid to lower these expenses. You might also want to consider getting a student loan to pay for your tuition. 

The following list includes the MS in USA for Indian students fees at top universities: 

University MS in USA for Indian students fees (in USD)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 28,000-75,000
Stanford University 35,000-70,000
Harvard University 30,000-60,000
University of Chicago 40,000-60,000
University of Pennsylvania 40,000-60,000
Princeton University 56,000-58,000

Living Expenses 

Well, there is no reliable method for estimating living expenses as a component of the overall cost of an MS in the USA. So, some of these things are: 

  • Location 
  • Apartment Size
  • Number of Roommates and 
  • Proximity to the University


Other living costs associated with MS in the USA fees include books and supplies, travel, meals, entertainment costs, and other incidentals.

So, Students frequently allocate a monthly budget ranging from $500 to $1100 to cover all their expenses. Although, you’ll end up paying about $15,000 USD (INR 11,10,000) for a two-year education. However, most students seldom pay that much because assistantships and internships often cover these expenses.

To sum up, the typical total cost of MS in USA for Indian students is $50,000–$55,000 for two years. 

Undertaking on an MS Journey in the USA with Shuraa Education

Although, pursuing a Master of Science (MS) degree in the USA offers diverse advantages, from top-tier education and cultural diversity to abundant work opportunities. However, it’s crucial to understand the associated costs, including pre-arrival expenses like GRE and TOEFL fees, application and visa fees, and post-arrival expenses like tuition and living costs. So, to navigate this complex journey, Shuraa Education provides expert guidance and support, from test preparation and university applications to counseling and visa assistance. So, with Shuraa Education’s expertise, aspiring students can make informed decisions, manage expenses effectively, and realise their dream of an MS in the USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I do a masters in the USA for free?

Even though international students are eligible to apply for fully funded master’s programmes and get full scholarships, earning an MS in the US without paying can be challenging. This is because some costs, such as application and entrance exams, may not be covered by scholarships. However, obtaining an MS in the US with a full tuition waiver and scholarships covering housing and living costs and tuition fees is still possible. 

2. What is the eligibility for MS in USA?

You need at least 16 years of education (4 years of a bachelor’s degree), test results for English language competency, and the GRE to be admitted to MS programmes in the USA as an international student. It’s essential to fulfil the remaining two requirements to gain admission to US universities, regardless of whether some institutions waive the need for GRE scores.

3. How can students prepare financially for studying MS in the USA?

Answer: Although, Students can prepare financially for studying MS in the USA by applying for scholarships; Carefully budgeting for application fees, exam fees (GRE and TOEFL), visa fees, SEVIS fees, and airfare. They should also consider the tuition fees and living expenses while in the USA. 

4. How can students lower the overall cost of studying for an MS in the USA?

Answer: Students can lower the overall cost of studying for an MS in the USA by applying for scholarships, considering assistantships or internships that cover living expenses, and exploring options for financial aid. Additionally, budgeting and careful financial planning can help manage expenses effectively.

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